Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New Holocaust~My Thoughts on Nicky Z~A Call to Love

This little boy is breaking my heart (tears in eyes).

Yes, I've posted about him before, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

I couldn't fathom how this adorable little guy hasn't had ONE family inquire about him. I PRAY that has changed by now.

In the first picture, he has such adorable little cheeks. I can't figure out how no one inquired even then.

I look at his picture now...and it shatters me. Seriously, he looks to be the size of an infant. He's 3 1/2. Some may say it's his health. Please look at his face again. This is not Downs Syndrome, it's malnourishment. He's hungry for both food AND touch. There is a look of a child that is alone. He has the look.

Our Max had this look. Yes, he didn't have Down Syndrome, but he had the same look. Like he had given up.

Take a look at our Max . He's ours. God shared with us he was our son. He's a joy and a blessing.

Nicky happens to be from an Eastern European country who has scores of children who never made it to family, but into the arms of Jesus. Now, I want Nicky to know Jesus on whatever level he can on this earth, but I also want him to know he's wanted, loved during his long or short journey on this earth.

Is his little protruding tongue a factor? Is that why? Does someone view him as TOO different? First, that shouldn't be a factor. Next, from researching...much of this may be do to low muscle function. There are things that can be done to improve this. There are exercises and such. Another theory is that often a child with DS has a mouth that is smaller and the tongue does not rest as comfortably. Thinking about it, I wonder how a small mouth could determine a child's worth...sigh.

If you've been reading our blog, you know why we aren't stepping forward ("A New Holocaust~Why Aren't You Adopting Again if the Need is so Dire?"). I'm going to elaborate.

I would love to bring Nicky home. There's another little girl who is seven (with Down Syndrome) that I harbor in my heart as well (from the same country). Mountains would have to move. Money would have to come out of the blue. Hearts would have to be opened to understanding. God would need to talk with us about this...counsel us.

Can these things happen? Of course they can. Part of me begs that God does exactly that, BUT Nicky needs a home NOW. He will be transferred to an institution next year. I don't want ANY child to wait. Of course I love this little guy.

Do you know someone who may have a heart for this little boy? Do you know some way you could share of Nicky's need? My heart is broken for Nicky. I hope more hearts break until his family sees him and realizes what a precious blessing Nicky is.

*If you would like to read the original post that started off this series, click the link below.
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  1. Our Michael has what they call "the tongue". It is a tongue thrust. It really is not a big deal!! There are many exercises and ways to deal with it to help them! Help them talk. Help them eat!!! It is just some therapy. SERIOUSLY NOT HARD!!! Michael has improved sooo very much!!!!!! That look of hunger and touch was in his eyes too, but now I see him coming out!!!! He is in there BEGGING for someone to see him!

    PRAYING for a home for this little guy and sooo many more!!!! Lord break our hearts for what breaks yours!!!!!


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