Thursday, June 7, 2012

A New Holocaust~ Tough Realities/Sierra Leone (Another's Post)

I read this blog, eloquently written, and it brought tears to my eyes.

It is written by a woman serving at a care center/orphanage in Sierra Leone. You can see the passion, pain, and perserverance.

I think of the salute to Hitler that spread around Germany and I realize that many are being used by the one who controlled that same man to STOP children from being brought home. It's not so different. The past hasn't completely stayed in the past. There is a "cleansing" going on around the world of the weakest, most beautiful, and most in need.

Does that seem harsh?  In my head I even wondered about those words.  Yet, how else can I describe starvation just because a child is different.  How else can I describe starving a child, giving them barely enough, so that they don't outgrow their cribs? 

I don't know. 

Hiding these blessings that teach us compassion, childlike joy, and love away...transferring many of them to where they will be abused and die...........

These posts may be hard to read.  God has lit a fire under me. 

We have to stop ignoring these children though (this includes me).  We have to pray for God to lift our blinders...the veil over our eyes to see what HE SEES..

God may use us for many things. He may use us for support of these children (sponsorship). He may use us as prayer warriors or missionaries. He also may bring us, in another way, to the front bring these little ones to family.

The Raining Season~Tough Realities

Please remember Nicky (picture at the side of this blog) who faces an institution next year. This cutie needs a family NOW!!!

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