Saturday, June 23, 2012

A New Holocaust- PRAYERS and ACTIONS Needed NOW! Family Arrested! (Post 1)

At the thought of liberation of concentration camps...the concentration of evil...death marches began. Those prisoners who were deemed strong enough were sent on marches deeper into enemy territory, often leading to death from the frigid tempertures.

In the adoptive community we often see the same fight for orphans by the evil one. He does not like to see liberation...freedom from the bonds of lonliness, of separation, of (at times) neglect and abuse.

Though we've witness personally the fight to bring our children home and for their release, a fight is going on now. I am thankful for my friend Renae for sharing this with me.

In Ghana a family IS forming. I will NOT say WAS.

Christine and Sol Moghadam were arrested in Arcca, Ghana. Through a scary twist of events, they were accused of child trafficking. Their four adopted children were with them WITH THEIR ADOPTION PAPERWORK and their two biological blessings (6 and 4). ALL children were place in the OSU Children's Home while the parents were jailed.

The U.S. Embassy is saying that they will not do anything until Monday.

Please not only pray for their release, but for ALL SIX of their children as well.  My fear is that the government will feel embarrassed for a certain few individuals mistake and the four newest family members will face the consequences.  Please pray for Ghana's government...their wisdom and kindness in freeing these beautiful children.

*There are things we can do to help. Call 202-647-4000 and ask for the overseas citizen duty officer. Just say that your mention Christine and Sol Moghadam were arrested in Accra Ghana. That their children (both U.S. citizen and adopted) were taken from them and brought to OSU children's home. Ask why nothing is being done.

*Here is the embassy in Ghana's FB PAGE.  Get your facts on this case straight and DEMAND they do something IMMEDIATELY to FREE SOL AND CHRISTINE MOGHADAM from the prison in KUMASI and get their children from OSU Children's HOME to safety!!

*Here is Congressman John Campbell's FB Page! Send him a message too!

*Don't be afraid to contact the Dept. of State and Congressmen as well!! THEY CANNOT WAIT UNTIL MONDAY!!

*Pray for Linny and her husband at "A Place Called Simplicity" as they have connections there and are seeking to help the situation.

Click on this link to meet their family and hear their story in video.

Here is their family blog.  There is currently no information on this site.

God is bigger than any of this.  CALLING ALL PRAYER WARRIORS!!!


  1. Kat, Thank you so much for sharing the ways we can help! Would it be possible for you to change the font color on the lettering - the yellow is really hard to see. This is such a great post and I'd hate for people to not be able to act because it's hard to see.

  2. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW! I changed the color. Someday I'll get my act together and get my blog redone :). There is an update in case you hadn't seen it!


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