Monday, June 4, 2012

Jael Medical Update and Prayer Requests

Here is the email we just sent out to friends and family.


Has it really been five months? An amazing five months it has been too...

We apologize for not emailing sooner, but our computer with our email addresses has had serious problems. If you think of someone who may appreciate the updates, feel free to forward this (as we may not have the email address of everyone now).

We have had many exclamations of “I could never do that” directed toward our family. Please know, WE aren’t doing this...God is. He has directed our steps and HE has shown us our children. When we give birth, we take our children home from the hospital. When God shows us our child, we bring our child home from wherever they reside. Christ is the Good Shepard, we just follow Him. We are the blessed ones.

We have also have received one question over and over again (sometimes with love and genuine curiosity, though occasionally with judgment).

“Are you ever going to adopt again?”

Our answer is steadfast and will remain the same. We follow God and if HE shows us another of our children, we will follow.

Yes, sometimes we have the worst urge to say, “We sure hope so!”. That’s not our choice though. It is God’s. We ask, if you think we’re crazy, for you to Bing (or Google) a webpage called “Reece’s Rainbow” and look at the waiting children pictures...pray for them to find families. It will no longer seem so crazy.

The first few months home were difficult. Transition of ANY new family member can be hard. Jael has adjusted wonderfully, but learning the logistics of parenting three toddlers while home schooling is not easy. We want to be completely truthful.

We have now found our “normal” and things are progressing with MAJOR blessing.

Jael’s health is what we have expected. She will be having surgery in, what looks like, August. Her legs will be amputated at the knee (part way through the knee so her upper legs can grow normally). She will spend just a few days in the hospital and the doctor who used to be the chief of staff at Scottish Rite will be performing it. At that point she will spend three months recovering at home and then be fitted for her initial prosthesis. This will most likely be one with out a knee joint so she can learn balance before they give her one WITH a knee joint.

Her prognosis is wonderful! You can look at the pictures at the hospital of ski trips with children with prosthesis, and you’ll know.

Late July we have another appointment at our local children's hospital. This time with the Prosthesis Clinic. We will meet another family in similar circumstances and set the date of her surgery. I will send an email update at that point.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.

We have several prayer requests and will be forever grateful for your continued prayers. God is leading in some new and exciting ways and we are trying to listen carefully and do what God wants, not what we want. We would appreciate prayers for discernment and that we hear God clearly.

Prayer Requests:
*For Jael as she goes through surgery. That she remains healthy and safe and that God guides the doctors hands and her quick healing.
*For guidance and discernment as we make major decisions for Jael and in our lives.
*For continued attachment as Jael learns what family means.
*That God brings clarity and leading to a current direction our family is heading. That we hear God. That He blesses the journey and we are able to serve Him to a greater degree.
*For my husband and his career direction (blessing).
*That finances continue to stabilize as we continue to rebound from the major expenses...blessing if God wills.
*That we can be better parents as we travel this new path.

May God bless you as He has blessed us,
Having a Blast in Christ, Thomas and Kat (and family)
Married to our best friend, parents of eight wonderful blessings!
"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me..."Psalm 66:16

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