Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Finally Made it Into the Club~A New Holocaust Explained to Those Attacking

I was finally told (basically) that I was stupid by someone commenting. They feel I have poor judgment.  I'm sorry they feel that way, but this series of blogs is MUCH bigger than they are.  This truthfully does not hurt my feelings (done in this manner).

Many posts I felt I HAD to write.

In all reality this commenter had not read from the beginning and therefore does not understand the bigger picture regarding said series.  It was not just about Sol and Christine, but much MUCH bigger....

Maybe that's my fault, as I did not post the link at the end of ALL posts of this series to show where this series started.

I've had people disagree with me before, but this one was a first. I'm not posting the comment....not because I mind people disagreeing, but when it's rude...

 I LOVE adult discussion. I do not "do" attacks.

It all had to do with my most recent series of posts, "A New Holocaust".

Someone (again, who has not read the series from the beginning) thinks I'm being insensitive to those who suffered a horrific fate...the nightmarish evil that was visited on the world...an astounding evil that makes me physically ill.

If I had not read the series from the beginning, maybe even I would feel that way.

As you know (if you have followed from the beginning) I am NOT trivializing the millions lost. I have talked of my uncle and his role in liberating the concentration camps. I have shared what it was like for my husband visiting. It was a nightmare. 

It was a nightmare I cannot fathom.

So are 11 lb. 9 year olds with rotting teeth, lying in their feces. So are the children dying in their own filth.

I am NOT trivializing the horror of the holocaust.  I am saying that  many of these things are going on NOW...TODAY. I know it doesn't seem possible, but they are.

*How many orphans/children have starved to death?
*How many have died of neglect or infection from injury inflicted by those supposing to care?
*How many are tortured day in and day out?

These things ARE happening...abuse and rape of children...horror.

Children can die, once a family brings them home, because their bodies have forgotten how to handle food.

I'm just not sure what to call it. It is a war, a nightmare, a new holocaust.

These are NOT just a few children.

Again, I will post discussions and differing opinions. 

Asking me why I've posted something or to kindly explain myself? YES! 

Challenge me! If I'm wrong, I WANT to know! I admit to being VERY far from perfect.

I have a fire right now.  

My Heavenly Father has lit it. 

The atrocious conditions of so many children canNOT be ignored. If you want to see the post that started it all, see below...


If you want to talk, I'm here. 

_____(fill in name of person that commented), I get it.  I get that you saw the middle of a series (one I may write for the rest of my life when I see more and more horror). 

Next time, if you comment with concern instead of condemnation I will post it. 

Until then friends, I feel like I've joined a club many of you have been a part of for quite awhile.  Not sure how I feel about it.  Not happy dancing, but somehow not saddened either. 

The gist of some of what I wrote for "Show Hope" fits well right here.  Man does not have to understand the ways of God and His calling on His children.

Have a blessed day dear bloggy friends!!!

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  1. We live in a fallen world and those of us that have peeked behind the façade of modern humanistic thinking returned with a whole new understanding of this. I don’t think you are “over the top” in your topic's headings. I lived in Indonesia for 10 years, saw how the poor lived and survived the 1998 riots, lootings and shootings. I will say “Let no man say there is no such thing as evil” for I have seen it first hand and it is something I care not to experience again.

    Romans 1:28-32
    Romans 8:19-27


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