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Guest Post! A Prayer of Foster Care~"I Want to be Loved Too!"

Through the blogging community, I've been honored to virtually meet some amazing individuals...some friends I PRAY I meet some day in person.  Dawn is one of those people.  Her journey has been a privilege to read. 

Through God setting fire to my heart again recently, I've asked a few to write on different aspects of orphan care, adoption, and situations these blessings reside in. 

Dawn has blessed me by writing for this blog.  Her family is amazing, real (no imaginary reality here), a blast to read about, and her heart is bigger than Florida. 

You can find her blog at the following link.

"Are All These Kids Yours?"

A Prayer of Foster Care~"I Want to be Loved Too!"

I think it is hard to mention to some people about children that need a family here in the U.S. because there is a mindset. A mindset I used to have. It says that there are people lined up around the block and then some for these children so go elsewhere to find a child really in need somewhere else.

It's true- there a MANY needs in other countries!! Since we have seen these needs firsthand we understand. BUT WHAT SHOCKED ME is that there are MANY children here too that NEED FAMILIES!!!

Seriously I was blind to it! When we first started our adoption journey we thought it was going to be a domestic adoption. Then God led us to foster care. There are over 50,000 children in foster care RIGHT NOW!!!! Are they in real need- YES!

It is sooo hard to find GOOD foster parents. Why you ask? Well I guess everyone uses the same excuse- oh I couldn't love a child and then have to give them back to their biological family. I get it! I truly do! BUT there is this thing CALLED GOD! HE alone is our source of strength. HE ALONE helps us get through situations we wished we were not in.

It is a fight just to find foster parents who aren't in it for the money- and you think I am just kidding. There are foster homes that are only a 1/2 step better than the biological family. NOT JOKING! We were considered a GREAT family because we took our children with us to places like the zoo, or on trips, and we bought them things like clothes and toys. Ummm.....really? That should tell us all something!

When we showed love to the biological family- we were placed on a pedestal! WOW! Seriously??? That just blew me away!! These children were in my home for now. For however long the courts said. That meant their family was a part of ours- faults and all. That meant we were praying for them nonstop! That meant we were there for every need in our children's lives if it was just for a while or forever.

Think with me on the spiritual implications of this. Think if the church said we will get involved in foster care with all of its bumps and bruises. If there were people on their knees for the judges, the social workers (underpaid, overworked, and totally unappreciated!), the biological families, and the children!!!!

JUST STOP AND THINK WHAT THAT COULD MEAN? Let it sink in. The social worker has someone cheering for them! The judge has people praying for his decisions which sometimes must feel so very overwhelming with little evidence! What about the biological families that are struggling with vicious chains wrapped around them of abuse, neglect, drugs, worthlessness. What if they had someone praying for their deliverance? What could that look like? What if instead of just being a source of income a child in foster care was considered of great worth? As worthwhile as the other children he sees at school. I have seen the pictures of children in Africa or elsewhere getting a dress and the face says it all. The same is true for the foster child who gets a new outfit. Something they may or may not have ever had before. You may think I am dramatic.

I wish I were. These children have had the cycle of sin in their lives through no fault of their own. They have been told they are worthless....their parents are worthless.....they are a mistake that shouldn't be here.....and they now what? Who is supposed to help them find healing and deliverance? Who is left to bandage their gapping wounds of hurt?

Here in our very county they are so short of foster parents that they are leaving some of the children in the homes they are in. Where is the church? PLEASE I BEG YOU THESE CHILDREN, THIS BROKEN SYSTEM NEEDS US!!!

6 of our beautiful children came to us through foster care. They have hurts and needs just like all children that have come to us through the hurt of satan's lies. There is beauty as well. There is a CHILD worth fighting for! A new hope that says God still Heals and Amazes!

Satan tells us that we shouldn't have to worry about court cases, social workers, and definitely not go through the hurt of possibly having to give a child "back" to their families. Why in the world would we want to do that. It is too "hurtful". Too hard. But the truth is there are 50,000 children that are already freed for adoption. There are many many many thousands MORE IN THE SYSTEM RIGHT NOW!!!! Waiting for a hope that they feel has passed them by.

Waiting on YOU! Wanting desperately to feel loved by someone! Wanting desperately for someone to care about them....for a few days....a few months....a year....or a lifetime. It is NOT easy. It is HARD WORK.

You know I find that all of my children's adoptions were hard work. In fact I bet that all children that have come into this world were hard work. A great kind of hard work. A kind of hard work that we know God gave us because it is all about hope! The hope found in the eyes of a child! It says - please pick me I want to be loved too!


  1. A great post, Dawn! We are in the thick of adopting from foster care and I am finding it SO incredibly frustrating. We are open to all of the kids that no one else wants and when we inquire all we hear is silence. I'm trying not to be discouraged but it's frustrating to us and our caseworker when we KNOW there are SO many children who need us!

  2. My husband and I adopted a sibling group of four through foster care. They presented us with a list of issues a mile long that were "wrong" with our little ones. Three years later our kids are 4,5,6 and 8 and the only issues we see are normal kids issues. Give foster children a chance, you won't be sorry.

  3. Are there any grants available to families who want to foster/adopt but don't have the means to make their home accommodating? We have a very small 2 bedroom home (ours, and our 2 boys') and in our state (Ohio) we've been told that foster children need to have their own room unless they are related. Also, we need some electrical updates before we'd pass inspection. We have the heart and desire - but not the tools. Being very near low-income, an addition to our home is beyond our ability.

  4. Hello this is Dawn!

    There are no grants that I am aware of, but that would be a GREAT PROGRAM!!!!

    I do know that "qualifications" for you home vary from state to state and sometimes from county to county. Don't believe what you hear- ask for a copy of the code!! A lot of times it changes and really people can be sarcastic! So don't rely on what you hear- usually they have a pamphlet saying what their requirements are. Usually so many square feet per child, but they can share rooms with the same sex child- at least that is the norm!

    I will be praying that God creates a way for you! If you have a willing heart that is soo huge! That is what we need more of! Thank you for that!

  5. Sadly we can do foster care, but we're told we are too old with too many kids, too small home to adopt from foster care.
    In our state (MN) there is Waiver (federal) government money to help pay for fixing your home to assist a foster child (or as in our case a foster adult). Ask your County that would license you.

  6. Eliz I feel your pain...we too have "too many children" now for us to do foster care. Don't be defeated! There is sooo much you can do by praying for other foster parents and helping them through the process too!!!

    I am excited to hear that there are some monies available to help though!

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