Monday, June 25, 2012

Early Independence Day!

Though it's hot, we ventured out with some of our friends to celebrate and early July 4th.

The kids seriously had a TON of fun!

Anna ROCKED the trampoline!

Even our little six year old Bekah got into it! I'm so proud! *sniff*

Max was READY TO GO!

Farrah looks like she does this professionally! They are extended family (guilt by association).

Hannah so pretty and so ready!  Farrah and Hannah are twins, can you tell?!

The trampolines for the teens were a tad bit bigger...yup.  That's my girl!!!!

My only picture of our oldest, just to prove he does associate with us (wink).

I had more pictures of all the girls (they're all besties), but they were all blurry.  Such sweet girls with amazing hearts!

And then the fireworks started....

Check out his face!!!!

Jael enjoyed her first fireworks setting on her big sis....

Rachel wasn't sure what to think.  The triplets all ended up in my lap not too long later.

Bekah was even stunned and she has seen this EVERY year!

Max and our sweet friends Hannah and Farrah...

Loved how this picture turned out. Our sweet friend Hannah...

Rach and Anna enjoying sisterly

Though we didn't get home until after 11:00pm and it was HOT (did I mention that?!!!), we are so thankful for every moment we get to spend with our totally insane friends (did I mention they are TOTALLY crazy?!!!!).

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