Saturday, June 23, 2012

Deep Breath...More Prayer...Heart Transplant for Mckenzie (Post 1)

Wow, I canNOT believe today. I feel like I need to take a breath.

We cannot though friends. More prayer is needed for another family.

I have followed this journey since early on.

Little Mckenzie contracted a virus right after birth, now (at around six weeks) she is on the surgeon's table.  As I write this, they are starting a heart transplant.   It is starting at 4:00pm and will last 4-8 hours.

I pray peace and comfort for the family suffering loss. The baby that gave his/her heart.

I petition God, beg Him to place His Hand on little Mckenzie...heal her...bless the surgeons hands.  Please pray with me?

Update: They have pushed the surgery back to 6:30

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