Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Driving Out Mickey Mouse and a "Hinky" Week

As you may be able to tell by reading my last post, we've had an interesting week (smile).

 Monday (the day of the last post) started with kids excited to go to an amusement park this week. Their distraction level was at an all time high. MY distraction level was at an all time high. It then spiraled downward.

We went to get the stereo and DVD player in our van fixed. It's under warranty and since Jael's medical is coming up, we wanted to make sure we had entertainment if we had to spend many hours in the car. Though we've never had one consistently before, this is one of those rare time we wanted to make sure it at least works.

Let's just say it was NOT a pleasant experience. After being "little woman'd" and killing two hours with seven blessings in a store (the triplets VERY willingly acknowledging that it was a Monday) they only had the easy fix done (one of two fixes needed).

Not to be ugly, but I was pretty sure they didn't hear what was really wrong with the DVD unit. They pretty much blew off everything I was saying and were...well...truthfully....condescending. Once arriving back in the car, I immediately checked the system (which hasn't worked right for about six weeks).

When I saw NOTHING had been done about the problem, I kindly (truthfully, a little seething may have been going on inside me, but I knew letting it show wouldn't help anyone or reflect Christ) called them to the car to see for themselves. I was very flippantly told, "Oh, we didn't see that problem. Sorry...we probably will have to replace the unit."

The DVD problem hadn't gone away in six weeks. It was apparent the truth was not prevailing here. When you put in a DVD (even five minutes) it pauses about every 15 seconds, then plays, then pauses.

That was just a tad bit of what I experienced (there is quite a bit more) and it was just not a fun time.

Really, not fixing the problem is no big deal. We are all human and miss things. It was what led up to it. It was the reason it wasn't fixed and how I was treated when I pointed out that it still wasn't fixed. It was saying, "Have a blessed day" and receiving a blank stare.

My husband went down after work and very kindly told the manager that he needed to have a talk with him.

That's how my last post came about. I apologize if it sounded a little snarky, but being a goof always makes me feel so much better and puts things in perspective. If nothing else, I will TRY to always be real on here.

I knew yesterday would be a new day (stop laughing)....

(Skip Ahead)

Today we couldn't fix toast for breakfast. The toaster broke. We still haven't got the microwave fixed. We will in time. This isn't to complain, but it's just reality of life occasionally.

Today our new/used air conditioning unit is being completely replaced. Yes, the one we bought around a month ago. I would tell you what happened, but I'm now hunting Mickey Mouse...several for a matter a fact. Little rodents somehow felt that all the wiring in the unit was covered with cheese. Ya, in the heat the cheese wiring couldn't have tasted very good.

(Am I wrong for hoping one or two had a SHOCKING experience?! Ya..sigh...I thought so..)

Anyway, this week has been interesting...unexpected...unusual? Hot too...just a little bit (smile).

God has seen us through (as ALWAYS) and helped us to get some perspective. This is NOTHING compared to what others are going through.

A matter a fact, it's been awhile since I have had a active prayer list on our blog (after every post). If you have a prayer request that you would like to share publicly here on the blog (or privately), please let me know by commenting on this post. If it's private, please just let me know in the comment and I won't publish, but write it in my prayer journal. It is a privilege to pray for all of you.

Well, it's time to get on the busy train.

Have a blessed day and know you are NEVER alone...God is always there.

*wondering how much mess a nine gauge would make of a mouse*

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