Thursday, May 31, 2012

Asking for Advice/Help

We have been trying to reach a real person at the IRS and after calling three different numbers provided by our tax guy, we have had no luck. We believe they are just so busy.

We could use both advice, and/or the number for the organization that works toward getting your tax return expedited for hardship purposes.

No worries, but we have some serious stuff coming up.... We could really use some advice and/or numbers.

Truthfully, we know the IRS has got to be bogged down, but need to insure out tax return has not been lost in the chaos they have to live in this time of year.
Thank you!
Having a Blast in Christ,

Update: I noticed many are still pulling up this post.  A lot of people are still looking for tax answers.  My husband called TAS (Tax Advocacy Service~Number on government web page).  He has applied to them.  We were told that if we don't hear anything by the end of July to call them again.  The end of July puts us at 15 weeks after we filed.  It does appear they are looking at 100% of the adoption claims coming in to prevent fraud.  Our status online still has us not even logged in at almost 8 weeks now. 

The difference I am finding from last year in which we claimed the twins is the following.  Though it took four months to get our adoption part of the refund, it only took about six weeks to receive the non adoption portion.  They were given in separate disbursement.

Yes, this throws our family for a loop (not receiving the non adoption part for awhile), but then we will survive (smile).  I know the IRS is not just a government agency, but individuals working hard to do their job like anywhere. 

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  1. Wish I could help you Kat. We're waiting too, we have medical bills piled high with collection threats. We've been at one of these clinics for 36 years, and they just want their money! ugh! We need to schedule Julius for surgery next and then soon the next 3 boys!! aaack!
    Tom called on the first IRS letter and the lady said "We just want to make sure you really adopted." Seriously! It takes till July 23rd 2012 (their anticipated date) to figure that out? They've been here 10 months!


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