Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turning Up the Crazy? Rumenating on Another's Post

As I dragged my rear end out of bed this morning, I felt like someone had slipped me some NyQuil (unbeknownst to me). It was really hard getting myself motivated.

I had a few minutes before I needed to get the teens up and booted up the computer to read early morning (or late night) posts from our fellow blogging families.

That's when I came across THIS post. I never would have guessed it would ruminate all day like it has. Though this begins by talking about adoption, it got me thinking deeper about other aspects of my life.

It's all about being crazy.

If you read the post you know what I'm talking about. Actually, it's about how...when we follow God...many view our actions as crazy. As she says, should be the most sensible thing (following God).

Throughout the day I've had several thoughts...crazy thoughts....

*Our lives should be a testimony to crazy.

Now, this is not talking about being a 40 year old mom of eight and having a bad habit of blowing our woofers...not that kind of crazy.

Our lives, to those of the world, should seem insane. They should NOT make sense.

"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." I Corinthians 1:18

That's when I started asking myself another question?

*How does my life look?

I know people will readily volunteer certain aspects of our lives, but I'm talking even deeper, less obvious.

*How does our life look when it comes to materialism? Things that (in the big picture) don't matter. Do we seem to celebrate things or stuff? Do we look any different than the average American?

*What do our clothes and the things we wear say? Do we dress like everyone else? Do we worry about name brands or how our clothes effect our brothers or sisters?

*Are we hard workers? Do we reflect that in private, not just public? Do we work as if everything is to the Lord?

*Do we conduct ourselves differently? Do we lose our tempers to easily or complain a lot (not talking venting with a friend, but general complaining)? Do we watch vulgar language as to not sound like "everyone else"?

*Do we devalue our children, not showing them how in love with them we are OR not disciplining like we should? Do we talk about them like they aren't there, making them feel like a burden instead of a blessing?

*Do we forget, in daily life, to step forward in faith... remembering what God has shown us or taught us?

*Are we editing what shows we watch on TV, movies, and music... with the eyes of Christ? Will people say that we are CRAZY for not listening to what the world does OR will we fit in really well with the world? Are we watching the television shows that are popular with the world saying that we are adults and can handle it?

*Do we demand our way and act just as the world says we should OR do we show something different in our behavior when we are "egged on"? Do we stoop to the world's level when others "deserve it" OR do we reflect Christ?

*Do we obsess about how our body looks OR go the other way and not take care of it? Do we seem "crazy" because looking good is NOT the soul purpose of our lives (either working out constantly while letting other things slide OR thinking about what we SHOULD look like all the time)?

*Do we live our lives throwing ourselves into casual temptation saying, "I can handle it" instead of saying "I don't want to have to. It's not worth it?

*Do we give freely, valuing individuals more than our money...even when we have bills?

*Do we make sure we value all life?

*Do we speak with peace and authority OR do we speak with ugliness and self righteousness even when we know we are right?

Am I showing my craziness? Are WE showing craziness?

We need to check ourselves.  Do we stand out OR fit right in with the world?

I've been asking myself those things today.

The answers aren't all what I'd hope. I think if we are honest, most of us would say that. Most of us would say we are not adequately conducting ourselves as prince and princesses, knowing we stand in the confidence as children of God.

Crazy, crazy, crazy...

Our family is going to be talking.

We are turning up the crazy factor....


  1. GULP! Conviction is very hard to swallow this morning, but thanks anyway!:)

  2. Love both your post and the post which prompted these thoughts! I have a post in my drafts folder titled "I Almost Forgot How Weird I Am". :) Weird. . .crazy. . .a rose by another name.

    Yet I don't want to be weird or crazy just for the sake of being such, just as a response to God's call for obedience.

    Thanks for the conviction and prompting to recognize areas of compromise (so I don't seem TOO weird!) in my life.


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