Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of THOSE Days in Home School

                                          No joke, the loudest toys in the house!

There are days in every home school parent's life that you think sanity is a thing of the past.  We don’t celebrate sanity around here (smile), so that in itself is no big deal.  But there are days….

Days where everything you’ve taught your children for the last three years is no longer in their brain….

Days where pencils are dropped 3,762 times…..

Days where everyone has to go potty every 10 minutes during all daylight hours (allergy to the sun? ;) )…

Days where 1 ½ hours of work takes 5 hours….

Days where one child looking at another, results in a World War (painful, but hopefully bloodless)…

Days where the toddler rules RULE (What’s yours is mine and even if I have the exact same thing it’s still mine)…

Days where  all mechanical pencils are missing or have been dismantled and previously dropped pencils must be sharpened at least 567 times.

Days where every loud toy has somehow found their way into your toddlers hands…

Days where every child has 7 questions for every year old they are EVERY HOUR.

Days where “Mommy!” is screamed at the top of ALL lungs enough times for it to be tattooed on your body by osmosis.

Days where (a temporary apparition) you think public school doesn’t sound so bad (not to bash those that God has led, but KNOWING full well God has led us to home school)…

And days where your patience is shot, tested, and beaten…and left for dead.

Ya, it’s one of those days. 

It’s one of those days you just want to go back and curl up in bed (smile).

It is now my opinion that Mothers Day should be spent in bed with a good book, bubble bath and your favorite chocolates waiting.  Yes…I think that is what I will ask for on Mother’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am blessed beyond measure, but occasionally….a day like today happens and I try to figure out why I only have one gray hair (said chuckling and shaking head).


  1. He, he, he

    I laugh only because I've been there!

    Oh, what am I saying?! I'm there, I'M THERE!!! It's been one of THOSE WEEKS, my friend--both in homeschooling and parenting. Ugh. Can I just take tomorrow off and commit to next week being better?? :)

  2. Right there with you, too! Spring fever is in the air... We've had a couple tough weeks like this lately.

    I always tell them they aren't allowed to take MY name in vain either, after a bunch of those MOMMMY shouts... :)


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