Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Weather Matches My Mood

I love listening to the rain.

Three of the girls curled up by the front window this morning (bed head and all), determined to enjoy the storm. They jump occasionally at the booming thunder, and shriek with glee as the lightening brightens the room. Man, it’s fun being a kid…

Max woke up with a sore throat and headache this morning. We’re praying it’s not Strep, not only for him, but because we have a daughter that is prone to Strep. Once she gets it, she usually will have it no less than three times in a season. It’s hard to know. It could be severe allergies…no fever as of yet, but all the symptoms of Strep.
Our oldest, up all night from hearing his brother toss and turn, can’t even keep his eyes open.

I cannot believe how much it is raining….all night and into the morning.

It’s a little like my mood.

The grey skies sat over my head this weekend/week.


Though I'm not as upset as these pictures, they somewhat match my mood.

Usually the tears cease and smiles appear when I whip out the camera, posing time! Sweet ones were too mad at me for putting away a toy they wouldn't stop fighting over.


  1. Love the "upset face" pictures of the girls, but "boo" that they reflect how you feel. Praying for joy for you this evening.

  2. It's good to see your kids are normal, but I pray the sun will shine on you! Don't worry, I'm solar powered too :)


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