Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Really?! Out of the Mouth of a Toddler

I started this morning listening to Max and Bekah's conversation.

Bekah-"When I'm 50, you'll be 80 Max! Haha!"

*Sarah says this is home school Math...chuckle.Max talking to Bekah- "Nooo...If WE LIVE 'till 50, when your 50...I'll be 53."

Me- "I'm already 40 Max."

Max-"Oh...." and silence

Maybe we should have just stopped the morning there.


There are a few words in the English language that we don’t say. We explain to our kids in regards to the words we DON’T use that some are…..

*swear words
*adult words that you have to grow up to know the proper times to use
*just words that we don’t want to come out of a toddler’s mouth.

Oh, then we have a fourth category…

*Words or phrases that I don’t really care for and don’t want the kids to say (especially around the toddlers).

“Oh my gosh!” is one that fits into the last category. I don’t love it because it’s so close to a phrase that the world uses. I understand that 99% of people saying it don’t even THINK the other phrase, so it doesn’t offend me. I just don’t love it. Our God is holy. I don’t like people taking God lightly or casually.

I have another reason I was reminded of this morning…….often little ones will pronounce things wrong and “Oh my gosh!” is not something I want to hear mispronounced.

Have I mentioned the last few days have been a little bit of a bummer?

So of course Gabe decided this morning to say a little nugget he’d picked up somewhere. My sweet little guy looked up at me and said, “Oh my gosh!”…only it didn’t sound that way.

I handled it calmly, knowing he didn’t know why he shouldn’t say that phrase. I said, on a two year old level….firmly, “We don’t say that Gabe.”

Unfortunately (normally I would say fortunately), our triplets are three peas in a pod.

They copy everything from each other. Let’s just say “time in/time out” has been a regular friend this morning.

If you hear my toddlers saying, “Oh my gosh!!!” and it doesn’t exactly sound like that….please don’t disown me. It’s just one of those weeks.

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  1. Whoooppss....we don't allow that either- same reasons. So hard because they hear it often around them in "the world" :(

    OK so a story to make you smile. In England sometimes they call their grandma- Gran. Except if you are a toddler and can't say G sometimes they say- D....and you know n or m to a toddler - well no real difference. Yep- your giggling right because when my niece would run down the sidewalk and yelling excitedly "dam"- yeah.....whooopsss.... ;)


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