Monday, March 12, 2012

The Pickpocket (and Insurance)

Ya *shaking head sadly* I have a pickpocket in the family. She's cute and she uses it for distraction (sigh).

It started at 18 months old. She would hand our preacher things to distract him and go straight for his sunglasses. They made the mistake of buying her some. They fed her compulsion.

She's branched out. Just this week she went for the waitresses hidden treasures. Will no one stop her?!!! (Ya, I'm a goof)

We received possible good news this last week. We should be receiving the last payment from our insurance this week (from our May fire). The timing would be wonderful! Now here's praying! (Ya, that was very literal.)

If you have a moment to add your prayer to ours (though this is NOT a massive deal) we'd LOVE the prayer support for this!

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