Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Minor Prayer Request

Our air conditioner stopped working. It's SOOOOO far from life or death that many are in the midst of, but it's a hard time for this to happen.

We celebrate that God has blessed us SOOOO much with no loans or debt related to bringing Jael home. We have no savings YET though either.

Can you please, if you have just a minute, pray that it starts working or it's an easy inexpensive fix? Our friend is coming over in the morning to look and see if there is something he can do. He has the blessing of being able to work with his hands and we have the blessing of knowing him.

Thank you!


  1. I have told this true story before in blogland, but I would love to share it with you. Last summer, my 13 yr old told me that she had a taste for a corn dog. I acknowledged her and that was that. Later that day, we got an unexpected donation of food. Among the boxes of food were 2 boxes of frozen, microwavable corn dogs! I told her that God loves us so much that He would even send corn dogs. No prayer or desire is too small for the Almighty. Praying for a swift solution.



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