Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mobile Home School

Some days it seems like we are constantly on the move. And I know, from talking to other home school moms, we all (at times) rely on our mobile schools :).

Today was one of those long days. We woke around 6:30am so we could leave the house at 9:00am. Yes, that is with all clothes laying out ready for the morning. It takes us awhile (smile).

Our triplets were especially cute this morning. Gabe was our little man as you can see when you look at his picture above.

Home schooling in the car leaves us getting a little creative. The kids are great though. Sometimes it's a little bit distracting....just a little...

Eventually we focus...

With a few breaks...
We figured out what the fourth seat in our stroller was great for...puppies...at one point three.

Of course, every time we're out all day we "lose" at least one...to sleep.

By the time we get home we're all ready to blow off a little steam...especially the teens. And yes, that is my seventeen year old six foot tall football playing son cowering behind the pillow. My daughter is telling him what a pain boys are (wink).

And just in case you think we are completely selfish and it's all about us, this (sadly) is our humanitarian (reptilian really) effort of the day.

Explanation: Our daughter, Anna, loves anything living (except roaches...that is a blessing from God). She often catches a lizard, snake, frog...etc. etc. etc. We let her bring them to her Zoology class at co-op and then she has to let them go.

Of COURSE she caught a lizard that has mouth rot. If we don't treat it, it's going to die. So guess what? We have a pet lizard (smile).

We are now officially proud owners of a lizard hospital!

Busy days are fun at times, though I enjoy home more. The teens are already on the go again. They're with friends seeing the new Kirk Cameron film "Monumental". As you can see, the teens and their friends are very reserved, shy almost.

I'm a little jealous that they're seeing the movie before me, but I'm sleepy and going with a friend to see it Saturday (though I must admit, the family their with ROCKS! SHOUT OUT!), so.....I'll let them live.

I'm a little tired (typing with my eyes shut), so I'm gonna crash now...just a little bit.

"...for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10b

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  1. Ugh! I hate "carschooling" (as we call it) and little ones trying to grab naps on the go. I avoid it as much as possible, but sometimes. . .life happens!


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