Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Circle of Life...Eternal Perspective

Yesterday I had to chuckle and shake my head when a letter from our city came. Weeds need to be cut (things were put to the side as we battled illness and adjustment) and our fence needs to be fixed (dogs recently broke a small part). We have until the 16th to get it fixed. That really isn’t a big deal and WILL be done, but it was just the timing.

Yet, sadly even after the toddler’s colorful language (yesterday’s blog post), that wasn’t the biggest event that happened yesterday. At around 3pm we found out our dog of 14 ½ years couldn’t get up. She’s a large dog that, in human years, was 98.

The signs were all there and I called my husband. She’s been with us so long that we didn’t want to take her in to be put to sleep unless we saw signs of severe pain. She was better off at home.

I loved my dog. Yes, she felt she was mine. At one point last night my husband felt Abilene was going. The glazed look had set in. When she heard my voice she picked up her head and cried for me. Yes, my heart is sad. My dog was a loyal sweet smart Australian Shepard/Great Pyrenees mix named Abilene. She was loyal to our family. She loved us. We loved her.
Abilene resting in the sun.
At around 3am she, while my husband was right beside her, died.

I feel a little cold hearted or maybe I feel I SHOULD view myself that way. I know my eternal perspective has changed things though.

There is nothing wrong with hurting over a pet that dies. I have done my share of crying in the past.

This time was just different for some reason…..

I was sad, my children sobbed.
I had tears fill my eyes, though never shed. My children have spent many minutes in tears.
I have watched children dying. They have not.

Will I cry for a four legged friend again? Oh yes…they are, in a way, a member of the family.

But my heart will never be the same….. as I look at my little ones.

I can’t help thanking God for their lives ….and praying to God for the little ones who have no one praising God for them.

A couple reasons we are thanking God.
Toddler fun in the ball pit... Jael's first dental appointment today.


  1. I'm sorry about the death of your dear pet. And I totally understand what you mean about your perspective. Since our time Ethiopia, everything looks different to me. Everything. Hugs to you.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss Kat. We had to put my 3 yr old Great Pyr down today because she was becoming increasingly aggressive with the small children here and the other dogs over food.
    Yes, I cried, Tom cried, Gabe cried. She was Gabe's and my dog, we took care of her because of her "behaviors". The younger kids were relieved, they had no attachment to a dog they couldn't interact with. And three more small children are coming here that I could not risk with her anxious behavior. I know exactly what you are saying. I wish she could have been with us 14 1/2 years like your Abilene and our Corgi Tootsie, but it was not to be. We thank God we have other dogs here that are great with kids like our big boy Snow- that Julius kisses on his tongue! HA!!


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