Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Stroller Affair, The Lost Cape, and (Most Importantly) GOD WORKING

Wow, I’m wondering what satan’s purpose is right now (last night and this morning). Yes, I’m laughing (and feeling just a little emotional).

This week has been exhausting, yes, but things have been hopeful. It has been like a ray of light to this tired mommy.

Have things changed that much? Really? Truthfully? No, but my heart is changing. Yes, a more normal routine is being found and some plans are being made.

Funny thing, my sickness ended up being a blessing. God knows what He’s doing in allowing me to be put on my rear in illness occasionally. The illness made me stop and gave me time to figure out how I could get things working better.

Just in case you didn’t know, God knows what He’s doing.

Just in case you didn’t know…smile.

The beautiful sun has come out. I’m somewhat arrogant in thinking it was just mimicking my heart. Yes, the sun rises for me (sarcasm with a chuckle).

If you read our last post, you saw our colored bubble pictures. We spent as much time as we could outside.

The quad stroller got three days of constant use.

***I have to admit it. I’m having an affair on my husband…with my stroller. Sigh….it may be love.***So this week still brought mini trials. That’s part of being a mom of eight.

Occasionally friends call me Super Mom. I gotta laugh. My super cape got lost somewhere under the three week old sippy cup filled with milk and the four foot high pile of clean laundry that still needs to be folded (no joke).

As I dig down, through the Whataburger Cup that STILL needs to be thrown away from 6 days ago, looking for the cape….I did find my a little one looking up at me saying, “Hi mommy!”.

I think it’s lost…for good.
Lost: One Super Mom Cape
Last Seen: In bathroom when we used it to clean up the spilled cereal off the floor (don’t ask).
If Found: Please return, dusting is not the same without it.
Reward: Offering an animal in exchanged for the returned cape. Pick one….

Through the walks, time at the park with friends, and the beautiful sun, we still had our times. It was how I handled them that changed.

I’m pretty sure people have been praying.
When one of my children struggled this week with obeying at all when I was out of the room….
When another older child struggled with telling the complete truth…
When a little one struggled with illness and subsequent orneriness…
When a younger child had a permanent case of the sulks when anyone asked them to do anything….
I responded with patience.
Let me tell you friends, it was a miracle.
In complete honesty, when I am this tired I am not all that patient (urg).

But this week….

Patience in a Can….I wish I could bottle it. I’d be rich.
We’ve all been working to “take our thoughts captive” (II Corinthians 10:5) this week…since thoughts are where all our sin gets a foothold. We put our wrong thoughts (impatience, sulking, lying, disobedience, etc.) in our inner jail and replace it with God’s Word.

Mommy needs that too.
So back to my chuckling and wondering what satan is doing last night and this morning…
I was SO looking forward to going to Church today, as a WHOLE family. Just the thought makes me smile. My husband, who never gets sick, got sick for the second time in two months. My son was throwing up.

One of my older children admitted to me that they forgot to give a co-op teacher a check and lost it.

My husband called to say that he got a ticket (he thinks).

I found one of my older kids may not be being completely honest about something.

Our microwave burst into flames.

Outside drama intruded with an older child.

Friends stopped by and our house was the worst it’s ever been…seriously. Illness has me putting things aside. Urg….
All in the last 16 hours or so….

When the illness happened I was bummed and felt concerned for my husband and child. When the check thing happened, I was a little frustrated…ok, in all truth…a little angry (not rightly so, it served no purpose…but I’m being honest here). When the fourth thing happened…I started thinking (yes, my brain only then checked in). Now the fifth thing….this had realizing that satan was at it again.

This week I was hearing God. He had shared with my heart and mind some things that just this week He reiterated through a friend (that I wasn’t hallucinating…because you all know you feel like that…why would God talk to me?!). This week I can feel God working…in BIG ways. The world is changing.

Why would I think satan would do anything but attack?

But I feel such protection by God. I think sometimes just recognizing that satan is hitting us for a reason….that in itself is protection. It’s a reiteration that God is working.
A good week in all…
Not easy, but a week that I can look back on and say…I only raised my voice twice.
PMS hasn’t been that bad.
A sunburn in February at least proves sun exists.
Colored paint bubbles come out of clothes.
We have $100 in savings again.
My 4 ½ month old puppy (70 lbs) only is waking us up once at night.

We are making plans…
We are hearing God…
Husbands that are brothers in Christ and best friends are a REALLY good things…
Good friends make life brighter…
Praying family and friends make life blessed….
Talking with those that “get it” make things easier….
Sleeping and singing babies are just the best…
So that’s our week in review. One Supermom Cape lost. I’m having an affair with a stroller. Sickness is a good thing occasionally. Friends and family are praying and……. GOD IS WORKING.
“For you make me glad by your deeds, O LORD; I sing for joy at the works of your hands.” Psalm 92:4
Prayer Requests:
*For Jael to continue attachment and to develop a healthy concern over going to people she doesn’t know.
*For clarity and God’s blessing as we are hearing Him speak. For God’s provision as we follow Him.
*For our new normal.
*For health for our entire family.
*For one of our children who is struggling with the world right now. God knows who.
*For us to financially get back on track and the funds for co-op enrollment for this next year to be there when we need it. We need to have co-op next year (verses our normal "would like to") as Jael will most likely have her surgery and my focus will need to be on her much of the time.

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  1. Oh Kat, I hear ya! It's so rough, but God is so good and He's working in us and our lives, isn't He?! I'm praying for you, and hope you know you're not alone--He's working (i.e., making life uncomfortable, chuckle) for others of us as well! HUG


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