Monday, February 27, 2012

The" Special" Chair, "Normal", and Balloon Depletion

Six months ago I tried taking the twins with us to Anna, Max, and Bekah's dentist appointment.

I have long standing theory that the younger children can learn (though don't always) that going to the dentist is no big deal by the time they're old enough to sit in that "special" chair themselves.

That trip almost broke me of it. Two 2 year olds that didn't want to stay in the stroller, didn't want a snack, wanted to fuss, were tired, and (this NEVER happened at the time) they attempted to run two separate ways (they always stayed together). I came out of that appointment with tears in my eyes thinking that most of the dental hygienists were probably making appointments to get their tubes tied as we left the building.

So then there was today...

With a little trepidation, I knew the little ones NEEDED to watch the older kids enjoy the dentist. Jael needs an appointment now and the twins in six months.
*I personally think if adult dentists gave us balloons and toys we would look forward to it a lot more*
This year I didn't just have the twins, but the triplets.

The first test was getting in the door with the quad stroller, because I was NOT going to have three tearing off different directions. THAT was interesting and of course I didn't get a picture of the five minutes it took us to figure out how to do it.

My kids would, at this point, look around and say, "Ya, we're home schooled."

Finally we got started on our assembly line cleanings and I wondered if the sound of the vacuum would send a toddler over the edge or if (like last time) Rachel would REFUSE to be carried over ANY tile (confused shrug). didn't happen. They got curious and happy. Though Thomas feels Rachel was trying to climb out the window in the following photo (he doesn't believe me).

Anna quietly waited with their electronic babysitter (Sometimes I love the electronic babysitter. We call it Nora. It hid in this picture.)

(Drum Roll Please) And we made one piece...with no tears.

We did deplete their supply of balloons drastically though.

But all in all, our new "normal" wasn't so bad today.*Our new "normal" didn't have the hygienists deciding one child was enough for their families (though I think a couple did think we were insane...we're good with that).
*Our new "normal" entailed no blood and miraculously no cavities.
*Our new "normal" came with seven kids (oldest at home) and left with seven kids (always a good sign, though I do find an extra now and then).
Now if our new "normal" could just teach prepositional phrases and be made out of chocolate, I'd be good...

"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me..."Psalm 66:16


  1. Oh boy, can I just about feel your pain. Just about because I only had 3 little one of various ages running amuck, I mean, bored out of their minds, for an older sister's 2 HOUR ortho appt. I sat in the waiting room with another homeschooling mom and her 4 or 5 little ones and silently chided myself that as a veteran hs'ing mom, mine were more out of control. oh well, it happens.
    Thankful your latest visit went so well! I think you deserve some chocolate. ;)

  2. He he he....I totally am envying your new stroller - just saying!!!! Maybe it's the "amount" of children in it. I have issues!!! ;) Although our double stoller is pretty cool! For my twins ;)

    I love your super mom cape. I think I found it, but then I lost it again- such is the story of a crazy homeschooling mom who has "way too many kids" right? he he he ....

    Oh have I mentioned I love your blog and you totally put a smile on my face? :)


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