Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sick in China and Almost Home (1~3~12)

Yep, it’s official…I’m sick. Coughing up a lung (hey, I have two anyway, right?), can’t breathe out of my nose, headache, and general blick.

Really? The day before we leave? Getting on an International Flight in less than 24 hours? Six hours of layover in Los Angeles? Really?!!!!

Yep, really…

Today went good and I was VERY thankful for it. We first went to our consulate appointment which this whole trip was planned around. Travel agencies and such on the bottom floor and the American Consulate on the top…wild. People stood outside the embassy…a line out the door…as they waited for their Visa appointment (non adoption). We walked right past everyone, left all electronics, showed our passports and straight into the waiting room. At ten o’clock on the dot (the time of all our appointments) they had us stand and swear an oath of citizenship on behalf of our children. Then our names were called. As I walked up to one of two windows being used for adoptions, I knew it was time to go home. We will receive our packet for immigration tomorrow (as well as Jael’s immigrant visa) and fly out tomorrow night. It’s time.

We check out of the hotel tomorrow at 2:30pm, hang around until 5:30pm and receive Jael’s immigrant visa and papers, then head to the airport for our nine o’clock flight to Los Angeles. The Haynie family will be just one row diagonally in front of us with Jia for this 12 ½ hour flight…awesome. It’s at night, so hopefully the kids will sleep. Unfortunately when we leave Los Angeles it will be the middle of the night in the States and they’ll probably be WIDE AWAKE…lol.

My husband is now sick too. I’m a tad afraid of the house (no fault of his). I don’t care though. Time for home.

After the consulate we then went to a museum/family temple (Chen Clan Temple). It is a gathering place for generations of a family. It was beautiful, but to tell you the truth it made me a little sad. Our guide talked about ancestor worship. She does this too. She talked about Christianity like an inherited trait instead of a living relationship with our Savior. The temple was amazing…intricately carved. They placed steps up and around the compound based on the belief that evil cannot jump. They also put intricately carved doors for the same reason…this time evil cannot twist and turn. In truth, we know different.

I must admit though...to a few whispered jokes. Sarah threatening to run into the doors saying, "Shoot! I can't get in!" and Anna asking about an elevator.

Sarah, Moriah, Jia, Jael, Steve, and Anna

Six years to build is understandable. Carvings are everywhere and I would have thought it would take longer.

Supposed to keep evil spirits out. Right inside the entrance so the evil would have to turn left or right. (When we arrived home my brother asked how evil turned around then. Hmmm....)

Steve and his mom Debbie


Carved ivory... and yes, I feel like such a horrible awful person when I mentioned what it was carved from. I am such a party pooper. I'm thinking I need to just carry duct tape around in my backpack. Yes, the group was planning a elephant hunt and I prevented mass death and destruction.

She told stories of the red Chinese lantern you see hanging everywhere around here. A monster would come into the village on the Chinese New Year Eve (different every year and around the 22nd of Jan. this year) and eat/kill the children and pets without leaving a sign. Until one day a fairy came and told them that the monster did not like the color of blood or loud noises. That Chinese New Year Eve the monster took no one. Thus the red lanterns and fireworks. The new outfits are so the monster doesn't recognize them. I'm digging this monster a little bit. I change my clothes and he leaves me alone. Wouldn't it be great if real life was like that?

Finally we ended the day with the last minute gifts. It amazes me the low cost of items (or honestly I would have only been able to get a half of what I did).

We made it back in one piece. We are ready to be home. We were going to pack tonight, but I feel too ill and the girls have been too exhausted. Jael conked out around 7pm. She was a trooper with not a tear today. She is ready for a schedule though…I know I am.

I’m giving myself at least a week before hitting the home school train again.

The other families have been wonderful. The Haynies (adopting Jia at 10 years) are a blast! Jia is a bundle full of energy and I could see her leading a charge. She is so sweet and awesome. It’s a privilege to watch her bond with her parents. I watched today as our guide explained to her the American name (close to her Chinese one) being given. She had rebelled earlier, but once the guide explained, she told everyone to call her Jia…which means beautiful. Later on in the day this beautiful ten year old who spent her life in an orphanage wanted her American name written on a grain of rice and put in a necklace that said love. I LOVE….
Jia is a total character! LOL

An honor to be a part of it….

Debbie and Bruce (and their 13 year old son Steve) have been a wonderful testimony to God. I’ve loved to hear their stories of God acting in their lives. It’s given me chills more than once. Their newest addition, 13 year old Moriah, is fun, sweet, and a total goof (she’s GREAT!). She’s gotten along wonderfully with all the kids and I think will flourish with her new family…her forever family.
I LOVED this picture!!!

This trip is now almost over (cough cough cough…STOP!) and I am thankful we all had each other. Jael AoJing Jeny is ours forever. I praise the Lord, because this is ALL HIM.

Jael is so much like the twins it cracks me up. She’s been talking nonstop all day and seems to be picking up at least four words every 24 hour period. Her favorite is “OK” now. I just love this little 3 ½ year old to death. Though five lbs. lighter that the twins, she is definitely in her threes. You can just see her little mind work.

It’s time (I’ve said that before, haven’t I)…well it is. Home, here we come.

There MIGHT be a short blog tomorrow, but there’s no telling. See you back home friends. I’ve got all kinds of pictures to share and a few more serious thoughts as well. LOVE AND HUGS!!!

P.S. Today I saw some kind of dried spider…hungry?

Prayer Requests:
*For the illness to go away and for the traveling to be uneventful, safe, and peaceful.
*For Jael AoJing to continue to attach quicker than anyone can imagine. Please pray she learns to show love, hug, and kiss, and not just accept it…but give it. Please pray the circulation in her legs improves and God gives miracles concerning them (to HIS glory).
*Please pray for safety and health for our family back home as well.
*THE MOST IMPORTANT…please pray we bring God glory.

*Finally, please pray for The Kendall family who is in China now. Please pray for Ruby, Katie, Tripp, and Eden…who are all struggling with life threatening things.

“But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD” Joshua 24:15


  1. Praying you all home, Kat! May God bless your travels!

  2. Oh Kat....all your sickness drama is FREAKING me OUT about traveling to see our daughter!!! Praying for a reprieve, at least till you get home;)! And for the flights/layovers to go SUPER quick and without a hitch!!!! SO thankful for your testimony!!:)

  3. PRAYING!!!! For sickness to be GONE!!!!!

    For transitions when you get home!!!!

    SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh of course, sickness sounds about right! chuckle I guess on the positive side, this will make sure you keep things slow and take the time your family needs, but ugh, praying you will soon be well!!!


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