Saturday, January 14, 2012


Though the above picture is just a quick shot at ALL of my beautiful children (our children chuckle and say "for now"), I have also FINALLY added all the pictures of our trip to previous blog posts.

I debated and debated with myself on how to do this. Each picture is so much a part of a story, that this seemed like the best way. Below are links to each individual post. The pictures are scattered all the way through each post, so don't give up if they're not at the top. All of them have many new pictures added.

I did it this way to give you a choice. You can view what you would like (they will pop up in a new screen), without having to scroll through each story if your time is minimal.
Grab a cup of tea and get was quite a journey.
Post 1~"Heading to the Airport!"

This is where the pictures start telling much of the story!Post 2~"Checked in! 12/23/2011 in the States"

Post three only has one picture added.
Post 3~"Kat & the girls in Nanning"

Post 4~"Update Christmas day! 12/25/2011 (In China)"

Post 6~"For this child I prayed 12/26/2011 (CHRISTmas back home)"

Meeting Jael for the first time!Post 7~"God Keeps His Promises 12/26/11 (MERRY CHRISTMAS IN THE STATES)"

Post 8~"Prayer Warriors... 12/27/11 in China (12/26/11 in the States)"

Post 9~"Please pray….and Our Time Here 12/27/11"

Post 10~"12/28/11"
Post 11~"An ENTIRELY Too Colorful Day (Thursday 12/29/2011)"

Post 12~"The Second Leg of Our Journey~Friday 12/30/2011"
Post 13~"Testing and Walking…and A Map of China on My Rear 12~31~2011"

Post 14~"Happy New Year from the Future (1/1/2012)"
Post 15~"Mommy Heart Hug, Fat Elevators, and Jade/Pearl Market 1/2/12"

Our current "attachment work".Our recent series of posts on attachment.

The Haynie Family Blog! We were together on much of this journey and Jia, their newest, is amazing!Our Journey to Jian Hong

Our dear personal friends who are currently bringing their boys home from China! She is in China right now with her wonderful friend. They have custody of their two boys and will be home in a little over a week (for a total of three weeks).
The Kendall Chronicles: Where East Meets West


  1. OK- LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting comfortable now to see all that God has done!!!!! :)

  2. I am SO happy for you all! She is just beautiful. It makes my heart so glad to see her home with your family after my months of prayer for her. God bless.

  3. I've read, I've laughed , I've cried, I've prayed! Such an amazing story of an amazing family, how our amazing God has intervened!! Can't wait to meet all this family!!


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