Monday, January 2, 2012

Mommy Heart Hug, Fat Elevators, and Jade/Pearl Market 1/2/12

So, we’re eating like pigs…not pig intestines, though I’m sure their available…but pigs. The scale says no weight gain, but we’ve seen the mirrors in the elevators. WE KNOW…

Setting around I started hearing the same from everyone…hmmm. The next time we got in the elevator I looked (ya, I’m weird like that) at the reflection of the skinniest person there. They didn’t look so skinny. Ok, that is just cruel…mean…evil. Just in case you want to know…I hate fat elevators.

So today we went to Shamian island’s medical clinic today to get Jael’s (and Moriah's... the Lowmiller family’s daughter) mandatory TB test read. It was fine, so we stuck around and even walked back by ourselves. It’s down those eclectic streets I told you about. The animals I can’t even look at now. They are so cute and a little sad. There’s two squirrels in this tiny cage. One keeps running back and forth…every day all day, back and forth. We and another family are contemplating buying it to set it free. Scream with me, “Squirrel Freedom!”. Ya, again…we’re cool like that (stop groaning).

(Squirrel update: Suzanne texted me while we were still in China. She didn't see the squirrels. Hoping squirrel liberation happened. So I texted back, "That's food news!"....meant "good news". Spell check is funny sometimes...shaking head.)

We finally hit the local McDonald’s here. Hotel food is a little “high falootin’” for us (hee hee). It was pretty normal. The chicken nuggets were not chicks…of which we were grateful.

Some of our friends: Debbie, Steve, Suzanne, and our market guide Annie, and our brood decided to head over to the Jade and Pearl market. You’re probably like me and it sounds too rich for ANYONE on a budget. I found myself shaking my head over a beautiful pure jade and silver pendant that cost 42 Yuan (or RMB…the currency here)…too rich for my blood. Glad my math skills decided to make a showing. That’s less than $7.

Everything is like that. We are trying to watch it while buying smallish gifts for family. I really wanted to get traditional dress for all our kids. Knew that was impossible. A dress for Anna that was $3, Bekah, Jael, Rachel, and Gabe $4? WHAT!!! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this.

Now Jael AoJing seemed to turn a corner today. Today, as I pushed her around in the borrowed stroller, she wanted to get out (instead of in, which is normal) and she….wait for it…HUGGED ME!!! I had these pangs in my heart all day. Just almost hurt with my love for this little girl. She doesn’t show us affection usually (though accepts it) …until today…that one time. Please keep praying my friends. My mommy heart got a hug that melted it into butter. Please pray she starts expressing affection for Thomas and I, and the rest of the family as well.

The Market was exhausting. It was probably 8 stories high with maybe 500 stores (some cubicles) with mainly jewelry…pearls, jade, stones…

We went briefly to some smallish shops and another market called the “toy market”. It was the same type thing. Almost overwhelming and it would take WEEKS to get through it all.

The girls were great, brave in the throngs of people, and Anna is an expert at the Chinese potty (ohhh…she’s gonna kill me for saying that). I will say, I can’t help my laughter, when I see a woman dressed to the nines coming out in 8 inch heels and cleaning off her heals after using a Chinese toilet (head on desk…shaking laughing).

I’m really not trying to make fun of the unusual. There is so much culture and history here, but sometimes….humor in life is good.

Now this is serious, can anyone tell me what this is? It came as a side with our spaghetti.

It was pretty much a free day for us. It amazes me that we have only one and a half days left. Tomorrow is our consulate appointment where they issue the American Immigrant Visa to our children. We receive it Wednesday and then fly out Wednesday night. Crazy…just crazy….

Meanwhile, my poor husband is at home taking care of sick kiddos.

As I stated, Jael is doing to much better. We realize that she may regress again when we pack up. She may think this hotel is permanent. She sees her daddy on Skype and says, “BA BA”….but she’s too young to truly understand. I can’t wait until we’re all back together again. I don’t want to wait very long to get her to the doctor though. I’ve notice that her legs are always cold…always…except when coming out of a bath. I think the circulation is VERY low. I don’t know if our time frame (a year) to wait until surgery will be feasible. Praying…..

It’s time for me to hit the hay now (why do I say hay and again think of the Stewarts?). I’m pretty sore and tired. Tomorrow we meet in the lobby at 9 and are busy until around 12. It’s the last appointment we have before coming home…YEA! A year ago we saw Jael AoJing for the first time. She is an orphan no more…yet many wait. I want to encourage you, before dismissing it…to come to God with an open heart and ask if HE has another child for you out there. What does it hurt to ask? Scary? Sometimes…but I have the COOLEST result to that prayer laying in my bed right now.

Prayer Requests:
*That Jael AoJing starts showing love, hugs, and such to her mommy and soon her daddy, and the rest of her family. That she attaches quickly…blessed in a way only God can. That her body regulates and heart and body continue to heal. That her circulation improves in her legs.
*For health, peace, and safety for my entire family. That we are protected from satan’s attacks, walled in with God’s power. That we come back together with ease and quickness. That the trip is peaceful and uneventful.
*That there are no glitches, hiccups, or anything like that.

*Finally, please continue to pray for the Kendal family. Donna is gone to China for 23 days to bring her two boys home. Please pray for protection, peace, and no hiccups for her. Please also pray for her husband and daughters back home.
*Please continue to pray for little Eden, home from Ethiopia for a year, who that was diagnosed with a currently incurable medical issue (except by God). Also for Katie (came home at nine years and was 11 lbs not too long ago). She is still going through refeeding, but has gained weight and is HOME! Please pray for Tripp, a toddler, who has a disease that is killing him in an excruciating way. Finally, please pray for Ruby, home from Uganda recently with Hydrocephalus.

"But the needy will not always be forgotten,
nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish." Psalm 9:18

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  1. praying! WHAT? They wear their heals on the toidy when they squat. OH-MY??


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