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Happy New Year from the Future (1/1/2012)

Christmas and New Years Day with only three of my children, not ideal on the one hand, but very on the other! What’s the alternative? Not having one little sleeping Chinese blessing in my bed right now? This is the BEST alternative :).

Today I’m really missing my Church family as well. I usually come out of Church being challenged in a way that sends me straight to writing, feeling loved in a way (by my brothers and sisters) that humbles me, and so thankful…grateful…stunned….humbled….honored…privilidged….to be loved by our AMAZING God! Those words don’t even come close to the reality of my Heavenly Father. Yes, our Christian brothers and sisters are a gift from Him as well.

Can you tell I miss my Church family? LOL…

I’ve had a few opportunities to share what Christ has done for me. Can you please pray for those seeds that God may have allowed to be planted through our journey? I feel so inadequate at times, but know I need to speak the truth. I can’t tell you there is never a lack of fear, but the truth is the truth. I often think of those who believe there is no absolute truth, that we can make up our own reality. It hurts my heart. Even those who believe in no absolute truth, actually do and may not realize it.

We believe we will take our first morning breath.

We believe our vehicle will start in the morning.

We believe harming children is wrong.

We believe murder is wrong.

We believe .

I want to challenge anyone reading this to just not discount something so big that has forever implications. Think of it this way. Even if you don’t believe in our Savior….even by human understanding (we were made in HIS image)…if you gave your son to suffer (YOU) and die a painful excruciating death for someone else…would you say that any other truth is a choice or absolute? Your son didn’t really die. He wasn’t REALLY the reason their life was saved….so they can add whatever other truth they want…or not believe it.

I would like to make an offer. There are books in a category called “Apologetics”. These are Science, logic, and archeology. Before you place absolute truth as a back burner, please read Matthew, Mark, and Luke in the Bible and seek a couple of these books on Apologetics. Though I don’t know how we will afford it for sure…we will…if you need a Bible or an apologetics book…IF you are truly seeking. Please message or email me. I will try to get it for you.

Now for the rest of my day.


It’s now about 6:30am. Again, I woke up at 5am. I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m NOT gaining weight and I think I have it. I’m not sleeping very much and walking everywhere…lol. We never drink soda at home, but bottled water has no caffeine…lol. Almost no such thing as diet soda here either.

I want to say while I’m thinking of it, I can feel the prayers…I can SEE the prayers. Jael AoJing slept so much better last night.

Her food is still not staying down her (as of 5am…BUT HAS SINCE), though she slept all night before her body “flushed”. I’m sure she received some of the calories and nutrients. When she’s older, she’s gonna love me for sharing this…smile. No more vomiting, as of yet, though….or fever…or bloody nose.

Today we are going to a small amusement park I believe. I wish we could have found a house Church, but obviously that’s not going to be so easy to find :) , but we will worship in our room this morning before we go. I long for God this morning….just that hunger (you know?)

The girls coughed very little last night with their slight asthma (woo hoo!) I think I kept them up a little bit still Skyping with their dad. I’ll wake them up in maybe an hour to get ready to go down to breakfast.

Breakfast is huge and beautiful and more food than you can ever imagine! I need to take a picture….there’s a coy stream that runs through the restaurant.

Anna’s trying to figure out how to get one home…alive…lol. Again, so glad we can’t bring more pets home. Suzanne (one of our new friends) is being a bad influence on us :) and telling us how a Guinea Pig they used to have had the CUTEST babies! The girls are now aiming for a new boy Guinea Pig.

Apparently here, we are a novelty (Americans) and we were warned some would ask for pictures. Anna got asked yesterday. So funny….

With Sarah I just have to fend off the boys (no joke). I plant myself firmly between her and groups of boys. She is actually thankful.

I know this AM post is a little eclectic today, but that’s my mind right now (laughing), bouncing here and there. My (OUR…my husband and I’s) offer still stands from above. I may be in China, loving on our daughters…but first and foremost is wanting for you to know our Savior.

Later that day.....

There are few things that make me nauseous. I have a wonderful mommy under active gag reflex. Yet twice since we’ve been here....

I won’t even share what got me. Now that would be too much information….

Today we braved the taxi…and our confidence has risen exponentially. We had our destination written in Mandarin (the amusement park) and each family hopped in their own cab. We were the only family that got dropped off at the right entrance. God knew I was directionally challenged…lol....though all three had the same written directions…hmmmm. We did manage to find each other with a little texting (love it!).

The girls waiting patiently...
F.Y.I. When I ask Sarah which picture I can post (I don't care for most of mine, therefore don't want to send someone else into depression over their she usually tells me the goofy ones. Is that my daughter or what?! What do you think...fear of mom's wrath or fear of chicken feet?

I was so thankful that even Jael AoJing wanted to ride a couple rides. It seemed to turn on a light switch in her. She went on the carousel and all four of us went on a boat that we self-steered around the small lake. Sarah and Anna took turns steering (Shout out to Suzanne for watching our stroller and bags!).

The other families (ya, I know I mentioned this) are AWESOME! They are so much fun and add to the growing confidence in getting around. Jia has us in stitches constantly. She has that childlike matter of factness. She “educated” her mommy who then shared it with me on why there were footprints on the seat of an American potty at Pizza Hut. They apparently turn it in to a squatty potty (standing on it). Yup, I’m dying laughing right now. Who knew?! I learn more and more every day! Oh, if you don’t know, the toilets here are built into the ground and you literally have to squat over it. Oh, the poor knees! I really wish I could’ve taken a picture of Anna’s face the first time she came out after experiencing a “squatty potty”…classic. The smell is just not too keen…very functional though.

Sarah and Anna went on several rides, joined by Steve (one of our families 13 year olds…super sweet…wait, am I supposed to say that about a boy? Ok, super cool!), Moriah (not sure how to spell that, but she just lights up from the inside), and sweet/funny Jia . Many rides were like they are here, with few exceptions. Everyone seemed to have a blast, even Jael came out of her "safe place" and joined us!

The boats were the best though. All four of us climbed into this small motor boat. Yes, the boat sunk a little as we climbed in, but held…lol. We then proceeded to wander around the lake trying to avoid playing bumper boats with others.

We eventually got hungry and started to look for somewhere to eat.

The girls (Anna and Jia) got hungry even before our LATE lunch.

Hmmm….as we sat down at a small park restaurant we found meals we had never contemplated before (fish intestines, etc.). They were quite creative and I’m impressed at how every part of a creature is used. Anna loved to watch people catching the HUGE live catfish. She didn’t realize they were the lobster dinner. Sorry, but again…funny.

We must admit to leaving without eating. Even the adventurous of the crew were not quite this adventurous. That is when we hit Pizza Hut back by the Hotel.

Though it’s not the Chinese New Year (starts around Jan.22), they do receive three days off for this New Year. It was packed.

Have I mentioned we are tourist attractions within our own right. We really should have been counting how many heads turned! No joke, there were crowds of people. Sarah probably attracted the most with her long blond hair. She was VERY popular. I was ok with that (and warned), but it was when boys (again) would get rowdy and act like they were going to approach her that my super ninja skills had to kick in (yes, I’m cool like that…ROTFL).

We eventually headed back to the hotel and Jael was all smiles and, at least for now, had returned to her smiley self. I imagine we’ll see both from now on.

We enjoyed today. It seemed more like a vacation, which I was not expecting. I think God knew how much my heart could take. I’m still processing (after a year and a half) some the trip to bring home the twins….

Well friends, I have a new prayer request to add….
Prayers for Jael…
*That she starts to want to give hugs and kisses to me (and her daddy) and not JUST accept them. That she seeks us out even more and attaches quickly and thoroughly and that her little hurting heart begins to heal.
*For her health. That her body continues to recuperate. Specifically, she retains food…seeks to drink more…and continues to sleep better.

For Everyone:
*For our family back home (as well as us) to stay safe, peaceful, and well (Rachel, Bekah, and Tom are sick) and comes back together quickly.
*For glory to be brought to God through all of this and for His Son to be shared.

*For the Kendall family…Donna has left her sweet husband and two princesses at home to bring home two little boy blessings home from China. They will be gone 23 days.

I leave you with much love.

"The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.” Mark 12:10b-11

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  1. Squatty potties!! LOL!! Oh no this Grandma must never go to China- I can no longer squattie!
    Oh I full well know those ninja moves! LOL! My oldest daughters used to attract waaaay too much attention. My beautiful brown skinned daughters didn't attract that kind of attention until she was over 18 yrs old. Which stinks cuz I need to be there LOL!


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