Sunday, December 25, 2011

Update Christmas day! 12/25/2011 (In China)

Merry Christmas!!!

Update direct from Kat today!!!
Honestly, everything went well, but the time change made it EXHAUSTING…worth it, but exhausting. We entertained ourselves being total goofs on the plane, but that only lasted 15 minutes ;). We’re really very normal. You can all stop laughing now.

One of our shortest flights was to Los Angeles. Again, we are SOOO normal.

Super Ninja Kat

The next flight to Guangzhou (gwan-jo), though not the longest we've ever had...we may have been a little ready to set our feet on the ground.

We remembered the true necessities...

We haven't been able to figure out how to fasten our seat belts standing up. Any ideas?
We were FINALLY so very close...MingYuan Xindu Hotel, Nanning here we come! It was also called the Majestic, but that's not nearly as cool.

We are now at the hotel in Nanning.

We are currently on the 9th floor. Let me tell you, I’m thankful for the elevator), though I could use the workout…smile..

Before we left we had a wonderful conversation with our long time social worker. She said of all the places she’d been, China was the greatest culture shock. Really? Naw….

Except, yes…yes it is.

Really, everyone has been so kind, but it’s just different. I don’t know how to explain it. Yes, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but the words are just not coming. Yes, all my friend’s mouths are dropping in shock. Just wait a few days, I'll make up for it.

Anyway…today we are trying to stay awake and get used to the 14hr time difference. Tomorrow is the big day. We just found out through our guide, Ci Ci, that they are bringing Jael to the hotel tomorrow. I must admit I’m a tad nervous. Not the bad kind, but the “she’s three years old and is going to be scared and may not even like us though we know she’s our daughter and this is all a blessing” kind…lol. Now if you can read that last sentence, I’M IMPRESSED.

If any of this blog by a sleep deprived forty year old makes sense, I’M IMPRESSED.

Now to try to get Skype working. So far we are not able to send emails (though we can receive them), and not able to get on Facebook or Blogger….soooo, things are a little limited.

This blog, well lets just say I’m getting creative in the way I send things to my husband.

Please continue to keep Jael in your prayers. Please pray that she attaches quickly and knows me as her mommy. That she has peace that passes understanding.

Also please pray for health. Anna had some, we believe, motion sickness on the plane. Whenever she eats, she gets slightly queasy, but it getting better. Sarah has a slight sore throat. Anyway, health would be good.

Please pray for safety for those back home and here….that we may come back together quickly and safely and that EVERYTHING may be seemless and without hiccup.

Lastly, and most importantly, please pray for God to be glorified while we are here.

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