Sunday, December 11, 2011

Understanding Attachement~Part VIII~ Spiritual Warfare

I thought I was done with this series, I really did. Until I sat talking with my husband in the wee hours of this morning. In a time with intimacy with God and my husband, I realized another not often talked about aspect of attachment. I would dare say it's the most important part, especially because it's often dealt with flippantly, barely touching on it like a feather.

I hope I didn't come across that way in the previous posts. I'm talking about the spiritual battle we fight for our children. It's not always pretty and sometimes down right ugly, but it's there none the less.

It's wild though, I don't see much written on this at all. I don't see any books on adoption (please share with me if you've seen them) that dive hard core into the spiritual warfare for our children.

I think, like in the rest of the areas of our lives, there is often a behind the scenes battle that is being waged. A war that is being fought for the stronghold satan may have in our families.

Why do you think satan throws everything possible at you when you adopt? A wish to relinquish his stronghold is often last on his list. A child that can be be manipulated, knows no meaning of family, attachment, or even right and wrong...that's a child he wants. Families are what God's GOD's picture...not the picture belonging to "Your enemy the devil(who)prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour" (I Peter 5:8). He wants little ones (and adults) alone, not standing together with those that love God.

Earlier this year I was able to listen to Dr. Karyn Purvis (The Connected Child) speak about a little one that once stayed with them...a hurt child...a child of trauma. I was able to hear her speak about the spiritual warfare. It opened my eyes even further to something many of us adoptive parents innately know. It is not only fighting for our children on a physical level, but very much a stage set on a spiritual battlefield.

There's so much in this world that is beyond what we can see. It is beyond, sometimes, what is even in our scope of imagination. Somewhere along the line we started ignoring the forces of satan in this world.

I want to share that in the last year, I've seen satan's workers working in ways that may scare some...strange things that don't make sense. I want to tell you something. I wish they weren't working, but I glad I could see the obviousness of it. They are active. A war is being waged for our children.

When we fight...
When we wage war...
When we dig deeper to parent our children in a therapeutic way...aiding healing...
We must face the spiritual aspect of the fight.
Do you pray with your spouse or loved ones in your family? Do you call on the power of Christ's name, commanding the evil out of our lives? Do you wage war on the spiritual plain? Do you recognize there's a war going on for your child?To some this will sound crazy, but as an adoptive parent I have heard of more giant leaps in healing when we face this on the spiritual battlefield as well.

We are humans that are physical, emotional, and SPIRITUAL. If we don't wage war on every field for our children...we will not win. The fissures may heal to an extent, but the risk is that with just a little pull they may open wide up again.

satan will slide a splinter in the fissure to keep the wound open. We need to pull the splinter's time.
The power of God is stunning. He gives us many wise and discerning specialists (and sometimes friends) to help us help our child heal physically and emotionally. Nothing beats our GOD better expert to call on. God knows all and is all.
Call on the experts here on earth, God gave us these wonderful people. Don't forget the Great Healer though...
HE is the one that can do battle and will win every time.
"The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD." Proverbs 21:31


  1. Love it! Our first real breakthrough in 3 yrs came when we laid hands on our daughter and prayed concerning her past, what she inherited, and what we were praying as a blessing over her. Amazing the change it had over night. It wasn't a complete never a bad thing anymore but the change was so evident that our whole family noticed.

  2. Such good thoughts, Kat. We believe that speaking scripture and singing hymns over our children faithfully for many years after they come home is a powerful way for our family to break those holds that Satan has placed on them. You are right ~ Satan wants us all, but precious children who are alone in this world are the perfect prey for that lion who prowls, seeking whom he may devour.


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