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Testing and Walking…and A Map of China on My Rear 12~31~2011

Happy New Year…wait, it’s not New Year there yet (at least while I’m writing this). I feel so special living in the future…wink. Oh come on! You knew that joke was coming!

It’s again five am. I didn’t get to sleep until late and little miss was restless, so this is TOTALLY insane.

Jael was mad at me again last night. She really believes that if she’s awake bored, the bathroom is the place to be. I took her three times in a 30 minute period and then said no…go to sleep. This sort of control is so new to her. I’m ok with mad though. Kids are not truly initiated into a family until they are mad at their parents for something…lol. During the day the potty fun is fine…but at night… mommy needs about 10 years of beauty rest.

I found a comment I had interesting… and a little sad. I was told that I must be a very young mom. Of course I said, “I am!” (NOT!). When I told her I was forty, she stated that she needed to show me 40 year olds in China. She said they looked very old. Made me feel good, but made me a touch sad at the same time. Is life so hard or the pollution so bad that it ages people prematurely? Apparently my age guessing is way off here.

Are you wondering about the map of China on my rear? Did you read the last post? Apparently hitting marble floor at alarming speeds with your posterior creates a colorful effect. No, I didn’t look…can’t believe you’d ask (ROTFL….going to look).

We are going to do our medical and TB test today for Jael AoJing. We were told this is a good place to get laundry done. I may check the prices at the hotel and just get it done here. That way I don’t have to carry it on our walk…hmmmm. Definitely needs to be done though. Dreading the washing out of technicolor yawns I need to do this morning. I wouldn’t pass that job to my worst enemy. Maybe my closest friends…Michelle…Amber? Where are you guys when I need you?!

Well, it’s time to stir myself to action, wash out yuck, get dressed, and head to breakfast…sigh…do I really have to?

Today was a completely new day in China. Everything felt familiar and we had the added benefit of having some new friends here who are adopting with the same agency. China is in trouble though. They have as crazy sense of humors as we do.

We walked to Jael’s medical exam….down roads that were closed in like alleys with wares strung along both sides and the middle. First were the animals. Live animals, cute animals, surrounded us. No joke, but I’m glad we can’t bring anything home. Fish, puppies, turtles, guinea pigs, squirrels, mice, kittens, cats, bunnies, hamsters…left Anna in la la land. I touched nothing. I touch, they end up in our house somehow.

Then came the food alley. Barrels of dried goods stood in front and filled stores. The most interesting were dried sea horses, skinned mice, dried jelly fish, hanging squirrels….a whole new world for us. We had a hilarious food experience, but I’ll talk about that later.

The walk to Shamian island was short and comfortable with cool air and the sun shining. Jael got a little heavy after a while and as soon as we got there our guide Helen took me to a shop. It was a shop that loaned us a stroller FOR OUR ENTIRE TRIP!!! No joke…it was a loan. How kind is that?

The medical appointment was uneventful. Weight and height were taken, a regular MD gave Jael a cursory look and asked about fever and such, next was an ENT, and finally she had a TB test that will be read Monday. Though I’m sure it’s fine, a prayer for a clean TB test would be good as well.

When walking with our guide a little, we noticed parks lined with trees, littered with statues, and interspersed with exercise equipment. Yes, you read right. Yellow jungle gym type exercise equipment was throughout the city. Exercise made a TON easier. I know I mention this somewhere else in these posts, but it is just so cool.

We ate lunch and shopped a little with the Haynies (a fellow agency family). They’ve adopted a BEAUTIFUL little 10 year old girl that we fell in love with (Jia). She cracks me up. We about died laughing when she was eating out of a regular zipper bag (like you see beef jerky in ) and was spitting little bits into her mom’s hand. We could see by the tough “I’m not going to think about what’s being spit into my hand” look her mommy was giving, that it had to be interesting.

It was chicken feet and the claws/nails were being spit into her mommy’s hand. Can I say her mom ROCKS??!! Now THAT is super mom! Dad was in on it too…so he definitely gets the brownie points as well (not redeemable in and state that has a vowel in it).

As we walked we passed by brides and grooms in beautiful scenery getting their pictures taken. Models in photo shoots were everywhere.

We actually ate in an Americanized restaurant (cheating) and enjoyed time just strolling and doing a little shopping. Sarah would have liked the restaurant more if her little pizza didn’t have ketchup for pizza sauce…lol…mustard anyone?

I needed today. It was relaxing.

AoJing is still not back to herself…at least the previous self we know. I think she is just a little overwhelmed at the activity. This won’t let up much before we leave Wednesday night either. She’s still not sleeping great and we could REALLY use prayers for some good night sleeps. We need it.

Her sensitive tummy kept everything down today (so far), though her poor little body seems to flush after she eats …sigh. I can’t wait until her body stabilizes. She ate tonight, pigged out in front of daddy on Skype. She screamed “Baba” as soon as she saw him.

I’ve noticed something. She is so much more content if we give her food to just hold. It can be wrapped or in a peel and she won’t even ask to open it…just hold it. Though she is filled out and stunning, to us this is a good indicator that she was normally hungry and maybe insecure about food.

Right now she is using food to control where she feels out of control. I’m not sure how much of this health stuff is now emotional. Sigh…I want to help her little heart heal, but know it just may take hibernating back in the U.S.

Boy is she mad at me though. She will occasionally forget and laugh at my silliness before she catches herself. She was laughing tonight…finally ….and interacting with her sisters. She did with me just a tad. I believe she accepts me as her mommy, but two things…I am the one who usually says “No” and I’m the one who has carried her around and taken her away from everything familiar. Her sisters are playmates. She asks for the girls more and more now, but still seems to be in my arms the most. She goes to her “safe place” zoning quite a bit. Placing her arm over her eyes.

It’s not fun “feeling” her dislike at times, but…though I wish it to pass…it’s all a stage in healing. I want her to feel what is necessary to get through this and anger is often one of those things.

We’ve seen the night terrors and the mourning in our previous adoptive journeys, but every time my mommy heart breaks.

She is now asleep in our bed. She pulls the neck of her pajamas over her mouth. She’s done this since day one. Her sleep is now her “safe place”. We have to work to draw her out. Often we walk in the room and she immediately wants to crawl into bed and sleep….not unusual.

My family at home is sick now. Max is finally over the virus he had when we left, now the twins have it. It’s hard being away knowing they don’t understand. Gabe especially cries often when we get off of Skype. Max is my tough little man and, though I worry, I know he does understand.

Thomas is my super hero right now….working from home AND taking care of five kids, no matter how awesome they are!

Wednesday needs to come soon.

*That Jael’s physical body adjusts and she is eating and drinking willingly and has no negative result of taking in food. Also, that her sleep becomes sound during the night.
*The our sweet Jael AoJing attaches quickly and gets past her anger…trusting us and finding peace as part of our family.
*For all of our health, for it to continue to improve (we are all having some asthma problems and since we only have mild seasonal asthma, this is unusual).
*For our family at home and our safety as well.
*For her TB test to be clear.
*For God to be brought glory though our speech and actions.

*Lastly, our friends ( the Kendall family) are starting their adoptive traveling to China TODAY. She will be gone for just over THREE weeks. Her boys are in two different regions which makes this necessary. Can you pray not only for her safe travels, and the boys attachment, but for her two princesses at home who are really struggling. Thank you friends!

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37:4

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  1. Congratulations! So proud of all of you ! The island seems closer to familiar to you and closer to another planet for J:) The western style potties were an obsession for our Gates too. Lol An odd sort of Muzak you tune out until somebody you skype asks, "what's with the flushing?" you bring carefully chosen toys and they play with the potty and get excited about wiping down the tub. Her tummy will settle soon. Her', Elvis has left the building, ' move is cute . when our youngest Chinese born son checked out he would close his eyes and rock. hence the Elvis reference. Praying from FL. Hugs!


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