Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prayer Warriors... 12/27/11 in China (12/26/11 in the States)

Though I will share with you later about the days event and especially a big blessing from God, I want to call my fellow prayer warriors to pray.

AoJing is sick. We believe (we saw signs) that she had a virus when we received custody. Unfortunately, we had not yet learned to recognize her “sick cues”. Yesterday afternoon she spiked a 104 fever. That may be scary to some, and let me tell you…I don’t like it, but for our children…most of them have hit or trumped that degree at several points in their lives.

We have meds and electrolyte powder mixes for children (though she’s drinking well, we saw signs of dehydration). Those will eventually run out though. We are hibernating in our room. We have cancelled the trip to her orphanage and the tour. Her fever is now down to around 102.

Normally a fever with little other major symptoms makes me think virus, but with Jael AoJing…we just don’t know. She hasn’t had blood tests run by our doctor. We have little information. We don’t know what could be underlying.

Please, prayer warriors, petition God for her fever and illness to disappear. We only have two more full days where we can stay hibernating in the room. After that we fly to Guangzhou and have a series of appointments we cannot miss….especially a medical one for her to come into the States and a consulate appointment where they issue her Visa.

Please pray….

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