Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kat & the girls in Nanning!

Update to all you followers of the Kat blog - she and the girls are in the hotel, safe, feeling the culture (and associated shock therein!). They are doing well and should be getting to see Jael tomorrow around 2pm local time!

I'm thankful Kat would show me how to do this so I can keep you in touch with her activities and must take time to let you know (since I don't do this professionally - :) ) that I do have the most awesome wife in the world!!! Sorry all you guys out there, but you tried your best I'm sure - the title belongs to me though as the husband with the most awesome wife.

God bless you guys - every one of you (and Kat - you and the girls) - when you read this, just remember who you're dealing with (evil grin). Yep, the house is already a wreck, but no we're all still entact. Now concentrate on what you've been given the mission to do and bring that little girl home! I love you (and always will - as long as God allows it).

With the love the Lord has given,

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  1. Merry Christmas! Can't wait for THE POST with that angel girl in her mama's arms!


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