Monday, December 26, 2011

God Keeps His Promises 12/26/11 (MERRY CHRISTMAS IN THE STATES)

The girls and I joined hands in a quick prayer. I think we’ve prepared them for what could be, but I am still shaking. As we walked to the elevator to ride down to the lobby, we noticed a family coming off…a beautifully “colored by God” family. The mom looked at me and I knew. I said, “I’m shaking” and she said, “That was me a few minutes ago.”

As we exited the elevator we saw through a tinted and smokey glass, a little girl sitting between to women. She looked so big. We didn’t even know if this was our Jael. As we rounded the corner, we saw our translator.

Our little girl wore a hot pink shirt, ruffled around the collar. Her pants were thick orange, like ski pants colored with the sunset. She looked at me and the girls and her nanny/godmother (we were told she was called) leaned over and told her that her “momma” was here.

That’s me in case you didn’t know (hee hee).

Let’s just say that she wasn’t too thrilled with that. She started to scream, rail, and cry. Sobs wracked her small little body. She was handed too me, with tears in the caregivers eyes, unceremoniously. The director of the orphanage had a knowledge, you could see it, that this…this was a good thing…family was a good thing. She looked to have a special heart. I wondered if she was a believer…something echoed in me.

Jael AoJing threw her body back, sobbing, away from me. I was thankful to be a veteran parent and was prepared. She would’ve hit the floor.

You would think I would be stressed. You would think….but I had TOTAL peace. No stress…no worry…just knowledge that this would be just another thing to the path of the glory to our GOD.

We very quickly headed for the elevators. Her hand went to cover her eyes as she cuddled to me. She still cried, sometimes louder and sometimes it was almost as if she caught herself slowing down and accelerated again. Our guide said she would come back in an hour.

Sarah sat on the bed and I noticed she was very serious. I asked what she was doing. “Praying” she said…smart girl. We all gathered around Jael AoJing and laid hands on her. We prayed for her little heart. We prayed for the spirit of fear and any other obstacle satan may place to be cast out in Jesus’ name. We understood, but for so long this little one was satans’ hope…a mislaid hope in a child of God. A child whose name, AoJing, means “Proud Elite”. Our little warrior.

Whenever I prayed her crying would almost stop…just little gasps. She was recognizing my voice. Still her hand remained over her eyes. Often as we figuratively do to block out reality.

As I rocked and cradled her in an armchair, our guide returned to our room. She brought papers upon papers that I had to sign and put my thumb print to. She explained that for the next 24 hours we would only have guardianship and then, after our two meetings tomorrow, her adoption would be finalized in China. She tried to pry Jael AoJing’s hands off her eyes, but sobs came back at that point. As long as I kept talking, the sobs were subsiding. This was God working…

Anna prodded and played with Jael AoJing until we’d see a peek of a smile or eyes. Finally her hands came off her face and I could stare at the face of my daughter.

She has a giggle…BOY does she have a giggle. Sarah and Anna had her chuckling and full on belly laughing. She loves to draw and many times asked to look out the window. She mimes exactly what she wants.

We have her in pull-ups and, though she’s potty trained, we are actually glad of that…just in case with all the meetings we have in the next few days.

The touring is off for another reason now. Jael AoJing is not ready and she is why we are here. Also, we are not ready to share (smile)…. feeling pretty selfish.

She ate an orange and a couple biscuits (hard cookies) that were sent with her. She carried around a Winnie the Pooh purse that also arrived with her full of hair bands and candy. Ok, yes…we had to eventually sneak the candy out or she would have eaten it into the night and not gone to sleep. Sarah had handed her a little squeaky Panda we had brought and it NEVER left her little hand. Finally she deposited it in her purse.

She didn’t eat the dinner we ordered to our room, but by then she had stocked up on orange, cookie, and candy. She did drink though, a whole cup of half orange juice and half water.

I place her in bed with me and snuggled her into me. She let me stroke her hair as she fell asleep. It’s the middle of the night now and she is restless. She’s sleeping though. She keeps on itching in her sleep. I wonder if it is the seams in her clothes…foreign to her (sensory) or allergy to the laundry detergent (always a possibility). I did notice her pulling her pajamas over her mouth out of habit. It’s constant discovery here.

I wanted to share our meeting, but also want to share some beginning impressions. Many of you may go through this wonderful guessing game…beautiful puzzle…we call getting to know our babies (no matter what age).

Now here is what I think you'd rather see than read...

Here are some initial impressions…

She was obviously taken good care of. Though she is small (a little smaller than Rachel, our 2 ½ year old), she has a little sweet tummy and was not deprived of food. This is not parasites, but physical health. We’ve learned to see the difference.

She loved her nanny and caretakers, but looks to have been prepared by God for her family. Her heart, though will have a lot of healing and I expect to see a lot more mourning and such, was prepared by our Heavenly Father.

Though often her giggles and belly laughs were genuine, she also figured out what we liked and I could here the “pretend” in them….trying to be charming and accepted. We saw our real daughter, but I can’t wait until we see the “real” her all the time…no faces that are just trying to please us. Tomorrow we will see if she has started viewing us as safety. I pray so.

She loves this little flashlight keychain monkey of Anna’s which is LOUD with monkey sounds…uh oh. I purposely didn’t bring super loud toys after so many stories of families wanting to hurl them off the roof (smile).

Her sweet legs look not to be growing below the knee. They are precious and beautiful and I don’t see how anyone could see them as anything else…but we have already noticed that some do… don’t feel sorry for this little warrior princess. We see the strength in her.


We are all sick now, except Jael AoJing and she feels a little warm tonight. If she’s ill, it’s a different virus. Anna woke up with the same cold Sarah and I have. Can you pray that we all get well QUICK…please. This is not fun and we have a lot ahead of us. We would like to enjoy a few “well days” in country. We don’t know how much is allergies and pollution, but we know we have something on top of that.

Please pray for Jael AoJing (OW-Jing)…she has a long road ahead. We pray for total and complete attachment and that we reflect our Heavenly Father’s love to her. Please pray she is physically well also with this virus going around. Only God can heal her legs, through a miracle or doctors…either one is from Him.

Please pray that we all come back together safely, that there are NO hiccups here. Right now please pray her passport is ready in time as they are saying they may have to send it with another adoptive family to the next city who is leaving later. Please pray for a miracle here.

Please pray, again, that God is glorified above all else.

Thank you our friends…our journey has just begun.

“And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.” Ezekiel 38:3


  1. I am sooooo happy for you!!!!! The comment about her going to the window made me smile---that's exactly what Liam did the first few days too. I'm praying for your health and the health of your family. I'm praying that Jael will turn to you for those close cuddles when she's feeling insecure. She knows you are hers and she is yours and soon she will learn that you all are His!

    Love, Erin

  2. Just beautiful Kat! Just beautiful!
    Sending all our LOVE with (((HUGS))) and prayers!

  3. Love the update and will continue to pray for you guys and sweet Jael! For God's healing over ALL and for the enemy to be bound in the name of Jesus!:)

  4. LOVE the pics Kat! Praying for healing and good health to return quickly!! And Jael's little heart to accept your love..Love you friend!

  5. So, I've returned now to watch your slideshow. The first post about your meeting was so moving, but to see it in pictures...Oh, I am in tears.
    Beautiful. Just Beautiful!


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