Friday, December 30, 2011

The Second Leg of Our Journey~Friday 12/30/2011

Finally today we begin the second leg of our journey, culminating on leaving Guangzhou on Wednesday to head back home to my family.

Last night was interesting. I think Jael woke a little mad at me. She wanted to play in the bathroom in the middle of the night and mommy was mean…no playing. I should say TIRED mommy was mean. She’s fairly restless at at night as I think I might have mentioned (smile).

She was very, unusually, serious this morning and we felt that maybe the mourning had started. She ate well at breakfast, though we limited her intake after nothing staying down the day before.

She was sad though. She kept on going to what we refer her “safe place”. She basically shuts down, often putting her arm in front of her eyes. This is a first since that very first hour we had her. She hadn’t done that since. We knew, when she requested to lay down in our bed right after breakfast, that she was shutting down. She immediately closed her eyes and slept for three hours straight. She didn’t want to feel.

She saw the packing and understood something was going on. Though we use a translation app to tell her she will stay with us forever, I’m afraid that she really had a core fear that we are passing her off to someone else. You could feel it. Once in a while while we were packing, you could see tears start to well in her eyes.

After nap she woke crying and holding her stomach. We rushed her to the bathroom since it was obviously cramping. Everything flushed through her little body as she sobbed.

She didn’t want to crack any smile. The only times she did related to a couple others familiar to her, though not to us. Her orphanage director called our guide to say goodbye to AoJing. There was a big smile. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Then, when we were leaving, I took a picture of all the girls with our guide. She smiled for her then too. Then I got it. We believe that she thought if she couldn’t have us, maybe they would take her. My heart is breaking realizing that.

She went from scared to angry in two seconds flat. She was angry at me. That’s ok…I think we’re seeing a little bit of that fighting spirit. As we waited at our gate at the airport, she would barely acknowledge me and asked to go to Sarah. If Sarah handed her something, she’d take it. If I did…not so much. Yes, in a normal situation with a child transitioning, you don’t let them get away with that. With AoJing, she’s never been allowed to have an opinion and to just feel what she wants. I view this as good. It didn’t last long.

Anna and Sarah were great as usual. Anna entertained herself...very artistically.

We finally said goodbye to our guide Cici and boarded the small China Southern plane to Guangzhou. Though Jael had her own seat,, that would mean one of us would sit across the aisle from the other three. I wasn’t about to let my young ladies sit by a strange man. He may have been awesome, but sidetracking and escaping those that want to hit on my 15 year old is not always fun and I have no urge to end up in a Chinese Jail (wink). It’s not always the nice sweet stuff either…but some rowdy young men that are really not acting respectful. Aw well….

Jael sat on my lap so we could sit together. She immediately went to her “safe place”. She closes her eyes and pretends she’s asleep. Soon they delivered some nice little cookie baskets. Jael would have none of it. Anna’s ear was bothering her as she has been fighting congestion (we are currently praying that nothing comes of it).

What I had forgotten is that she had been playing with the stuff in the pocket in front of us. Including a very important little bag.

Warning: If you get easily queasy, read no farther. I may not read any farther…lol. I try to be honest in the reality of transitioning. This was a very messy reality.

All of a sudden, twenty minutes before landing, Jael gagged. That is not a good sign for her. I guess it’s not a good sign for anyone. Of course I start searching for the bag and frantically and asking the girls (maybe not as nicely as I’d hoped) to find their bags. Too late…WAY TOO LATE. As I caught her vomit in her shirt, my shirt, and her hair…I remember Donna’s wise advice to always bring a spare set of clothes for yourself as well…shoot!

We threw her clothes in a vomit bag (to wash out in the morning…I’m not touching it tonight. I just got the smell of vomit out of my hair).

We finally got as cleaned up as we could and were in the process of landing. Once hitting the runway, Jael decided her hoodie (which I had just put on, needed to come off. It was already getting colder and I said no (in Mandarin it sounds similar…po). She started to sob…as everyone was crowding down the isle trying to get off the plane. You could see the serious, “What are you doing to that poor child?” looks. Didn’t even phase me…the mourning had started. This was not about the jacket.

We easily met our new guide Helen who seems very sweet. We drove the 45 minutes from the airport to the most beautiful room I have ever seen. Marble bathroom floors, two huge queen size snuggly beds, office center, couches…you name it. We have a ROCKIN’ hotel room.

This was just PART of the lobby.

Need one of these rooms at home...

I especially loved the marble floor that I hit flat on my side as I slid across some spilled water. Ouch…seriously OUCH! Yup, I’m a big baby (smile).

Anyway, Jael and Sarah are asleep now (Anna is snacking…lol…that girl and her stomach…smile). I’m heading the way of the bed myself. Tomorrow we walk to Shamian Island for Jael’s health screening. I’m pretty sore and thinking maybe I can find a way to pick up a cheap stroller before then.

Anyway…appreciating your prayers my friends!!!

*Please pray for Jael AoJing’s little heart. It’s hurting. Please pray for her continued quick and thorough attachment to us.

*Please pray for Jael’s tummy which is now struggling quite a bit with new foods since we don’t know what she was used to.

*Please pray for Anna’s ear, though it doesn’t hurt, she can’t hear out of it yet.

*Please pray for my knee and back. The fall really strained and already stressed back.

*Please pray for no glitches, peace, health, and that we can actually enjoy and see everything around here.

*Please pray for our safety and that of our kids back home. My oldest is going to an amusement park tomorrow for New Years Eve and that makes my mom heart nervous with all the drinking and driving that goes on that night (not my son, but others).

*Please pray most importantly that we glorify God and share His word.

Thank you for joining us in praying through these joys, pains, hardships, and triumphs with us.

I am BEAT…time to crash my friends.
Hugs and love…

“Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
for His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is Your faithfulness.
I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion;
therefore I will wait for Him.” Lamentations 3:22-24


  1. Oh Kat...SUCH a hard journey my friend! BUT, God will bring beauty from the ashes, as only He can:)! Praying FERVENTLY for restored health and peace for Jael's heart...

  2. Sorry bout the fall! Praying for you all and your health, yuck!

  3. praying! Hang in there! 45 minute drive!! Too long for me! ;o)


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