Monday, December 26, 2011

For this child I prayed 12/26/2011 (CHRISTmas back home)


It’s Starting…

It’s about 30 min. until we get the call to go to the lobby.

I’m going to be truthful here and say I’m scared to death.

Yes, I know it will be Okay.

Yes, I have been through this before.

Yes, I know God led us and has got this.

Yet I am so nervous. We all are.

My “butterflies” are creating havoc. I don’t ever remember being this nervous.

Maybe it’s because she’s older. Maybe it’s because I have a cold and don’t feel my best. Maybe it’s because I recognize how she may feel and know she may be sad and angry….all directed at us. Maybe it’s because I know the info we’ve been given may not be even remotely accurate.

She is our daughter, 150%.

I’m just nervous.

Sarah is still feeling sick and I think we may cancel the tour we had planned for Thursday. We will hit Wal-Mart for anything we need tomorrow, but rest so we can enjoy our time in Guangzhou (pronounced Gwan-Jo) Please pray we feel better.

It’s almost time. I pray she’s our cuddly little panda girl. I pray she wants to be held constantly. Is that silly?

I honestly look forward to hiding in our room with our daughter…becoming “it” for her.

Reflecting God, safety, patience (praying) and the beginning of a knowledge of her Heavenly Father for her.

Do you think that’s why we had such resistance and “storms”?

Now the peace is coming….

Truth often brings that. Truth is what was just written.

“So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, “We are unworthy servants. We have only done our duty.” Luke 17:10

The phone just rang. It’s time.


  1. Can't wait till you are home and its all a memory! Big hugs

  2. Good Morning Kat:)Wow! This takes me back:)May God's faithful presence take you through this journey ten minutes at a time, until you are home:)Try not to be scared by how infant like she is. Our four year old responded like a one year old for the most part. Years of 'fight or flight' hormones take their toll. Good care, affection, stable nutrition and tremendous patience will ease her through those lost milestones in time:) (((tight hug))

  3. I pray the peace of God comforts Jael, you, and your older girls. You can do this because God has already called you for it. Jael needs you; she needs Him; and I believe y'all need her too!
    Love you all. (((Hugs))) and many prayers.

  4. WHAT!!!!??? There's a Walmart in China! Darn- why isn't there one in Bulgaria?? LOL!!

  5. I somehow missed this one the first time around! :P Oh what a ride!


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