Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today we were recluses.

If you know me, that is really unusual while traveling. I really like to know where our children are from. The rural areas I enjoy more than the “tourist destinations”. I like to know the reality. The hardest was cancelling our orphanage tour. We wanted to go so badly, but our little ones health has to be first and foremost.

We needed to though. Jael AoJing’s fever broke around 9am. We were fine until 3pm and then it then spiked at right about 103. It’s a degree lower than last night, so we’re looking at that as a good thing. The doctors always told us if it’s consecutively lower each day….

We had a new surprise though. After her fever broke tonight, she got a nose bleed. You would think little would be “new” to me, but none of our kids struggled with that much. Thankfully I’ve friends that experienced that a lot (not that I’m thankful they did, but that I knew it can be normal) and am not very worried. I must say, it’s still nerve racking to look at your child and see blood dripping down her face.

Right now it’s about 9:24 at night and Jael is sleeping soundly. I will be shortly too. She is fever free right now. She responds well to Ibuprofen, but that is the one we are close to running out of. We have about one dose left. If the fever kicks up again, I might have to call our guide and see what she can find.

Since today was a slow and cuddly day, I thought I’d share some things that I may not have previously.

We have seen many good signs in our little girl. Yet something else is sticking in my mind tonight.

“I couldn’t do that.”

Before we left, I heard this multiple times, sometimes daily.

I heard, “My two give me a run for the money. You must really have a gift.”

No I don’t, this is not a joke. We have learned to accept the blessings God wants to give. That’s it.

I struggle, because that phrase (to me) means something else and I realize that many don’t view it that way. This is NOT judgment, but the phrase makes me so sad. This phrase to me says that there is a choice not to listen to God, but make the decision on our own. I know God leads. I know God may share a plan elsewhere. Yet our strength to do something is not our strength or ability, its Gods.

Children that keep you going, a little crazy, head spinning on your shoulders, and prayerful constantly…. are normal. The ability to parent more is God’s gift to you. It is not man made or a “character trait”. It is often like filling a balloon. You fill it half way with water and think it’s going to burst. Yet, when you double it…it still holds firm. God gives you what you need.

How many times have you thought you couldn’t take anymore, but did when you were faced with it. Are you ever able to look back and see the blessing?

There is a little girl sound asleep on my bed right now. Some may view her as “less”, but we all know…all those reading this…that she is “more” and has a great purpose for God.

She is not “I can’t do this.”

She is not “I have my hands full.” Friends, if you don’t think I have my hands full…ummm…(laughing)…

We DO NOT do this on our own. We just listen and trust that God will give us what we need.

Please friends, do not say you can’t (about anything of God) unless God has led you to that specifically. Listen and realize that in all actuality you may be saying you WON’T.

These children are not statistics. They are children that will lie in orphanages dying. They may be YOUR child lying in an orphanage dying if God said you can….yet you say you can’t…you won’t.

This is on my heart today. I’m not throwing this out in judgment. I’m really not. I’m not thinking of anyone specifically. I know God will press on whom He presses.

I just worry about limiting what we do by saying it is WE that do it.

“’Why are you weeping and breaking my heart? I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.’ When he would not be dissuaded, we gave up and said, ‘The Lord’s will be done.’” Acts 21:13b-14


Tomorrow I hope to share so much more of the good things we are seeing around here…attachment…sensory…sisters….what this week holds.

Until then, thank you for holding us up to our Heavenly Father in prayer.

*Please pray that God heals Jael AoJing. Please pray her fever is gone and stays gone and that she remains healthy. Please pray God allows the medication to not run out. Please pray we all get well.

*Please pray that everything goes without a hiccup, that there are no barriers.

*Please pray for Jael to continue to attach and for her little heart to be filled with God’s peace. Please pray she sees us as her forever family in a way that goes beyond what she understands to what God has done.

*Please pray for us to reflect Christ and glorify Him here and in her life.

*Please pray for peace and safety of our family at home and for all of us here.

*Lastly, a friend of ours is traveling VERY shortly (the last day of the year) to bring her two sons home from China. Please keep the Kendall family in your prayers.

Thank you friends.

Side Note: I want you to know that, though I am not able to access Blogger or Facebook, all your notes and comments are coming to my email (which I am now able to access). Thank you…the encouragement is beyond what words can say.
To my family, I miss and love each and every one of you. Michelle, Amber, Bryan, and Donna you have been such an encouragement. Even if I don’t always text back (except to make fun of you)…I appreciate you all so much. WE appreciate you all so much.


  1. Kat, thank you SO much for sharing that last part...because it's USUALLY ME who questions whether or not I can do it..while I'm in the MIDDLE of it(in a foreign country, with a screaming child...missing my other kids...)!!! I FORGET that He who calls is FAITHFUL to complete what He started!!! Thank you for once again being such an encouragement to me! I'm praying daily for your healing(and Jael's), and that the rest of this journey is filled with peace and joy!!!:)

  2. Love hearing what God is pressing on your heart!!!

    PRAYING for you all!!!!!!!!!! KNOWING HE HAS YOU IN HIS HANDS!!!!!!!!!!! Just know we are lifting you up!!!


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