Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where We Are At....

Last week I felt fearful. I don't normally dwell in fear, so it was a odd feeling. I tried to narrow down what was causing this, because I knew it wasn't of God. I wasn't fearing that God wouldn't act. I wasn't fearing that Jael wouldn't come home. I think my friend Amber nailed it in one of our conversations. I was fearing I somehow messed up things in my humanness.

Silly? Yes!
Logical? No!

Emotionally I was fearful though...until I remembered that worry and fear can be a form of arrogance...believing on some level that we are in control.

Suffice it to say, I am now not least 99% of the time (after all, I am

Yesterday we received a email from our coordinator. She said the consulate is now making appointments for the week of
December 19th. We need our TA (travel approval) to receive a consulate appointment.

We need our TA to come in quickly.

There is another imminent prayer request that I didn't feel peace at sharing before. Financially we need things to finish lining up. We will be almost there we believe...depending on the costs of flight. We have two payments coming to our family that have yet to be paid.

Can you pray for these imminent prayer requests with us?
* That the Travel Approval comes in quickly.
* That our two payments come in this week and financially things start lining up.
* That our airline tickets are remarkably low.

Those are important and on our heart, but even more so is the prayer God called us to....

*Please pray that Jael is in our arms by the end of our year.

Lastly is the prayer request for our daughter.
* Please pray God protects her and whispers His love into her heart. Please pray God prepares her...she dreams of our faces, voices, scents. That she attaches to us quickly.

What some of you might not know is that, though we've sent her pictures and such, there is no guarantee she was given them. She will be handed to us with no days of transition/"getting to know us" time. Handed to complete strangers to her (no matter how much we love her) and losing everything familiar instantly. That is why the prayers for her are vitally important.

Thank you friends!!! Fighting the fear and standing in confidence as we are SOOOOO excited to see God work.



  2. Oh, I understand this great need for prayer for Jael's heart, Kat. I will continue to pray for peace for her in the transition home... that she quickly understands that you are hers forever, and that she is finally safe in your arms. Praying those travel dates come SOON!

  3. Oh girlfriend! So much in this post! I totally get the fear, and I'm sure you know I really do! :) I am in prayer for you and for your family and esp your Jael so much!!!! It is just such a blessing to be a part of this journey, even from a distance, as we get to be amazed at God's glory. Sending you a hug and an extra prayer on your behalf.


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