Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tomorrow our folder will have been at the consulate in China one week. That in itself is stunning since it was submitted five days before logic and policy said it should be. We are currently one week away from picking up the folder ON TIME. We know God can even move this "standard two weeks" up. We pray that whatever miracles He continues to do in this process may just be so obviously Him.

*Please continue to pray for our daughter and her quick release from a place that is not her home.
*Please pray paperwork flies, those handling it are convicted to expidite it and are blessed.
*Please pray protection for our daughter who is across the world.
*PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DAUGHTER TO BE IN OUR ARMS BY OUR YEARS END as this is the prayer God has called us to pray.

I've been distracting myself today. The closer it gets, the more the butterflies hit. The more....just the more I feel. I don't want to be distracted though. Distracted from our daughter who has been in her orphanage form 3 1/2 years. Jael's sweet life is so valuble and so precious. Can you please continue to storm Heaven with us? Petition our God to go beyond timelines and bring Jael home to her family quicker than we can imagine?


  1. Our family is praying for Jael to come home very, very soon ~ so she can be safe in your arms with the family who loves her. What a privilege to pray for your precious daughter!

  2. Kat, Don't get discouraged. We are not letting up with our prayers to get Jael home, SOON! And praying for your family as you wait and hope.
    Love you.


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