Monday, November 7, 2011

Satan started hitting hard this afternoon.  There has been a mess up in paperwork as one day and month are switched in our immigration approval.  Our officer has been hard to reach.  Can you PLEASE petition God...praying we can get new paperwork tomorrow?  That possibly we can get it in a pdf as well as a letter sent? 

We also have satan hitting one of our kids hard....hard.  Please add a prayer for them as well as guidance for us as parents.

God is moving and satan is fighting.


  1. On my knees! (((HUGS))) and prayers!

  2. PRAYING!!!!!! As we too are in a similar spot- satan hates what we are doing! PRAYING for you all!!! For the paperwork and Jael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!b

  3. I've been praying for you, Jael, your kiddos, your hubby, a hedge of protection, for God to stand in the gap. . . all day and continue this evening!!!


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