Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Help and NOT to Help Adoptive Families (National Adoption Month Day 3)

Rarely has a post had me jump out of my seat and scream "AMEN!!!!", laugh uproariously, and then have tears fill my eyes because it was SOOO me!

I owe my friend Donna for posting this on my facebook wall.

It had me at hello.

Actually it had me at....

How can you help? By not saying or doing these things:

3. For those of you in Christian community, it is extremely frustrating to hear: "Don’t give up on God!" or "Don’t lose faith!" It implies that we are one nanosecond away from tossing our entire belief system in the compost pile because we are acting sad or discouraged......

Read the rest here...believe me, it's worth it. I could NOT stop laughing and screaming "Amen!"

"How to Be the Village" at Jen Hatmaker

P.S. There are some seriously awesome suggestions on how to help adoptive families on here too!!!

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  1. Her post is *so* outstanding! Thank you so much for sharing--I could read her blog for hours! ;)


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