Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Effect of the Economy on Orphans (Repost for National Adoption Month-Day 9)

In the current economic climate, I’ve heard story after story of the struggle of many American families. I think we all have. There were 650,000 foreclosure filings - which include notices of default, auction sales and bank repossessions - issued in the first quarter of 2007. That represents one of every 194 households. We’ve heard of retirees losing the bulk of their investments that were supposed to provide for them. I think many feel the economy hitting them in the stress of their work environments…layoffs and cutbacks loom for so many. Government bailouts…a quick fix for a long term problem, but not a solution.

Unfortunately, we often forget that the economic situation in the U.S hurts more than just Americans. Many orphans wait in orphanages around the world. They wait for mommies to forgive them for writing on the refrigerator, for daddies to flip them, giggling, upside down. They wait for love. Some are in wonderful orphanages…as wonderful as they can get, not being a family. They get picked up and tickled. They get snuggled for a few minutes when it’s possible. They get fed. Unfortunately, there are other children in orphanages who lack the basic necessities of touch, food, and care. They rock themselves for comfort since it comes from no one outside them. They are not even on the U.S. weight charts. They may be so malnourished that it has now stunted the growth of their heads. Malnourishment starts with weight, then the height is affected, then finally the head circumference. This IS NOT some kind of scare tactic or even written to “guilt” anyone. This is the truth. I have seen it. We have seen it in our own precious blessings.

Many Americans are either financially hurting or fearful living in this insecure economy. Starting an adoption that may cost $20,000 at a minimum may be too daunting a task in this day. Children wait while we juggle finances and wonder what the future holds.

Please don’t think this is to say that everyone is called to adopt…that is a decision between you and God. This is to say that there are children that can’t even understand the concept of “three meals” a day or the concept of “snuggle time”. This is to say we as Americans…we as Christians need to question what we are doing. Are we even praying? Have we ever said to God, “It doesn’t matter what I think I can handle, what do you want me to do?”. This is not said to diminish the hardship or need of families domestically.

This economy is also hurting the agencies. I personally know of a wonderful agency that has blessed our family immensely. They are struggling along with all those businesses out there. Most agencies have humanitarian efforts around the world…if these agencies go under so do many of these efforts.

If they go under because of the lack of adopting families then the circle begins…the children need families, agencies facilitate this, families feel they can’t adopt in a climate such as this, agencies suffer, children don’t find families, agencies fail at the one job they care about, agencies humanitarian efforts start to disappear, the children/families don’t get the aid they need, more orphans are made, children need families, agencies facilitate this….do you see the circle?

This is heavy on my heart today. There is no easy fix. We need to be praying…praying for these children, praying for families to open their hearts that may not have previously, praying for the agencies.

God may not put it on your heart to adopt. You may be an AMAZING prayer warrior for these little ones...but please consider this…talking to God for just one month and saying,
“It doesn’t matter what I think I can handle, what do you want me to do?”

May God put His Hand on you all as you journey through life glorifying Him.

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