Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Mommy Pill !!!!

We've all waited for it. We've all longed for that illusive pill that automatically solves all the most common "mommy" problems. Wait no more, it's here!

One little pill creates solutions for what ails the average mom.
It doubles the energy of the average mom to twice that of her children!

Sleep cleaning is now a dream of the past!

Those "eyes in the back of your head"? Wait no more!

But if you think that's all, think again!
It escalates the "mommy look" rendering any and all disrespect useless.

Lost shoes? This pill creates a mommy magnet and makes it impossible for those frustrating shoes to hide.

And you know the disease "If I do it wrong the first time my wife will never ask me again"...CURED!

If you order now it comes with the supplement, "All chores done with no complaints/playing/or having to ask twice"
Yes, it is a miracle my friends!Side effects include:
*Sock monster increases in intensity.
*Ears become hypersensitive and may cause eventual hearing loss.
*Irritability of familial infrastructure due to the pills fantastic ability to render others situational escalations useless.

*Should not be taken by mothers that are pregnant, may become pregnant, or have been pregnant (paper pregnancy included).
*The pills performance is negatively impacted by by any contact with oxygen (including and not withstanding after ingestion).
Only 1500 payments of $19.99!!!

Act now!
Void in all countries with carbon based life forms.

(Yes, I'm a complete goof.)

1 comment:

  1. Bwah, ha, ha, ha, giggle, giggle, giggle! :)

    (Where, exactly, does one acquire such a product???)


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