Sunday, September 4, 2011

Special Needs Adoptions~Post You Need to Read

As I've gotten older, I've realized how much I hadn't given to God. Our Father, the Creator of this Universe, has all the answers. Somehow, at times, I forgot to ask Him. Maybe I chose to not ask Him, afraid of the answer.

He knows what's best. He know EVERYTHING, yet we still make decisions all on our own. Honestly, it just doesn't make sense. He is the only one, in all actuality, that knows what we can handle. How many times has something happened in our lives that we couldn't have fathomed handling?

I believe, with every ounce in me, that God guides us in our decisions and to our children next door or across the world. Some children will be healthy and strong, some with broken spirits that we can't see, some children will have physical illness that went undiagnosed, some will be special needs and very special little ones. God leads us...

God's paths are so much better than ours. I think it's time we really see what amazing plans He has for us and give it all to Him....ALL of it.

That means the checklist of what we can and can not handle. All adoptive parents know what I mean. Often, as adoptive parents, we decide what we can handle and tell God. What if we don't tell God what we can't handle, but ask Him what we can?

The following post cuts to the heart.
"This post may not be for you."~The Blessing of Verity

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  1. Thank you for sharing! She really nailed it!!!


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