Sunday, September 25, 2011

Email We Sent to Family and Friends

Thought I would share with you all the email we just sent out to family and friends........


"Come and listen, all you who fear God;
let me tell you what he has done for me." Psalm 66:16

"A love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all."

We give our souls, our lives, our all because we are so madly in love with our Heavenly Father. He is amazing. His love poured out on us like a waterfall, the pressure so great we feel like we could explode.

God is stunning.

We've laughed long and hard (a true belly laugh) at how we are always surprised at the blessings God showers on us. Saying, "Really?! Nuh uh???" like children.

Monday He spread out before us a feast of of yes'.

Many of you may know, when starting this adoption, we were weary. We had just brought home our sweet twins and battled through months of cycling fevers. We had fundraised until we just felt like crashing every night, excited watching our God work...but again, weary. Yet God had shown us our daughter. We would do what we needed to do.

In the silence all we heard was "wait". "Wait on me, the funds will come."

We waited, and as we battled the constant storms of life....from fires, holes in roof, termites, breaking fridge and washing machine, illness, exploding sidewalks (and on and on)...whenever we thought we had the adoption covered, another expense arrived. Yet we kept on hearing, "wait".

Monday, we had to wait no longer. And just as we brought home the blessing of twins just over a year ago, our blessings
came in doubles.

Through God, we decided to apply for one adoption grant. On Monday we found that we were rewarded a grant toward our adoption.

We were floored.

That was not all though.

We got a call from our agency that afternoon with some amazing news. Our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) had come from the Chinese government. To understand the amazing nature of this. It is considered a short wait when you receive your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) in two months. We were told the average is three, but four is also foreseeable.

We received our Letter of Acceptance TEN DAYS SHORT OF TWO MONTHS.

God hears your prayers my friends. Our Heavenly Father is beyond what we could ever deserve...what anyone could ever deserve. He is stunningly, awesomely, amazingly OUR GOD. Just wow....

We will most likely travel in between 10-12 weeks to bring our daughter home. It has always seemed so far off. Our 3 year old little girl has been in an orphanage since birth and it seemed that it was such a distant timeframe until our daughter would fill our arms.

God is...He just IS.

We continue to ask for prayers, but even more we ask for PRAISE for what God has done.

Praise God that He has favored us.
Praise God that He has listened to our pleas.
Praise Him in His ultimate authority that He knows ever aspect of this and is answering in His will.

Prayer Requests:
Please Pray...
*....that Jesus continues to be whispered in Jael's ear, her heart is prepared for us, and she dreams of us.
*...that we are familiar to her, though we have never met, that attachment comes quickly and for her safety and protecting as she continues to wait for her family.
*...for her biological parents and family, that there hearts are turned toward Christ and they feel His love all around them.
*...that the paperwork comes quickly and is processed with speed.
* ...that our Travel Assignment (TA) is sped in a way we can't fathom.
* we prepare our house for our sweet Jael and for the doctors that will treat her.
*...for our family, we must do things such as increase our strength and health as she will need to be carried much of the time with her special need.
*...for peace for Jael, our family, and those surrounding us who are being bombarded by satan's darts.

*Also, for our friend's (The Kendall's) as they strive to bring home two precious special needs boys. Please pray God's blessing and quickness on their process..... AND please pray for our dear friends (the "S" family) that have battled satan's darts excruciatingly all year.

Praising God with Every Breath,
Thomas, Kat, Tom, Sarah, Anna, Max, Bekah, Gabe, Rachel and soon our daughter Jael

"He replied, 'You of little faith, why are you so afraid?' Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm." Matthew 8:26

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  1. Dancing with JOY before the LORD on your behalf!!!!!

    AND praying as well.....


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