Thursday, September 15, 2011

Could You Give Some Encouragement to Some Awesome Teens?

Though many of you know I home school, you also probably know that I firmly believe God can lead families to MANY avenues in schooling. This is just the awesome way He led us.

I often can be found making a mistake (like holding up four fingers today and saying "three syllables" brilliance never ceases), yet I haven't messed up my kids too bad. (smile)

This year we're trying something new. I get to mess up someone else's child as well (hee hee)...that and a friend gets to mess up mine. Actually, I'm teaching a "Christian Literature" class to our two teens and a precious friend's daughter (who just happens to be my daughter's best friend). She is teaching them their History class.

This is where you come in. We are currently studying the book "Crazy Love". As usual we do things a little different than some. We have required (though they were VERY willing) the teens to set up a blog.

You see, their assignments are blog posts. They are not told a subject, except it needs to tie into reading and class. I edit as little as possible. It's their hearts that we long to see.

We've shared with them the knowledge that they can make a difference. We've told them that the goal of this class is to stretch their thinking outside the box.

Introducing our class...."Christian Literature~Outside the Box".

Can you join me in encouraging these amazing kids, Tom, Sarah, and Lexi? Would you consider commenting, following them, whatever you feel comfortable doing?

Thanks for your support friends. These kids have AMAZING hearts. Now I just pray this year teaches them to shine even brighter for God.

"Fearless" by Sarah

"Cracked Pot" by Lexi

"Strength Unseen" by Tom

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  1. Looking forward to reading these! I love, love LOVE talking with my kiddos about these types of issues, but wanted to let you know your second link is going to the blessing of verity website about "this post may not be for you". :)

    Would be so fun to have my kids in this class with yours!!!!


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