Sunday, August 14, 2011

Update on the Exploding Sidewalk

Ya, you can automatically assume that a sidewalk exploding probably does not mean good things. Once we ruled out sidewalk terrorists, we went to a pro. A good friend/contractor came over yesterday during his, VERY rare, free time. Serious brownie points are owed....and with all he has done for us, maybe a truck load.

I bet you'll never guess what he said!

"Never seen this happen before."

Apparently our foundations are filled with something called tension cables (hopefully I got the name right). Picture a square (the best way I can figure to describe this). There are cables that run every 2-4 feet from one side to another. They then have the same thing from the other side of the foundation slab which makes crisscrossing cables. When the cement is poured the cables are tightened to help hold the foundation together. One of our cables gave. There is still tension on it, thus it can tear through our house until the tension is lessened. Hmmmm....this is maybe not the best news ever.

We will call our insurance tomorrow. Though our foundation is not covered, this is an unusual one.

Obviously during our journey to bring home Jael, this is not something we financially want to hear. Hmmm...maybe this just generally is not the thing we want to hear.

Yes, I broke down for about five minutes yesterday. The storms are wearying. I think we are actually a little beyond weary now.

Yet God has blessed us. The cable could have gave when we were outside. One of the cement chunks is about the size of a small kids football. Someone could have been killed.


So, in the big picture we're are still laughing. I mean really, exploding sidewalks! How can we not!

We have, more recently, added a few tears in there too. Could you pray that God shows us the financial way and that maybe, somehow, the insurance will cover this new craziness? We would have almost had the adoption paid for had this not happened....

Honestly, after praying for Jael, we've been praying for peace above all else.

GOD ROCKS and this will be ok, just feeling a little battered right now.

Now to fix the foundation...

I guess all our foundations needs some repair work now and then (smile).

Thanks friends....

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  1. {Hugs} and prayers. I am weary on your behalf, yet *knowing* that God will work all things together for good according to His purpose!


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