Sunday, August 14, 2011

Recent Email We Sent Out...

Prayer request sent to our family and friends...

One of our friend's said, "This stuff only happens in soap operas."

Since the fire many odd events have happened. The most recent being our sidewalk exploding at five am. About a plate size chuck of cement is missing from our front walk. From small a small football size of concrete litter our front walk at this very moment. I must say that we did laugh, this stuff is weird and so obvious. It's just another of satan's darts.

We are weary though, beyond weary.

That said, God protected our family once again. If the children had been outside at the time....

Apparently it was something called a tension cable that criss cross our foundation and hold it together. It gave..exploding the cement around it. Our friend who happens to be a contractor came over to take a look (he and his entire family are a blessing to us) and said he'd never seen that happen before...ever.

For some reason satan does not want Jael home.

Do you remember the dream that we shared of our sweet daughter Anna, BEFORE she knew we were adopting or even considering it.

The morning after we knew Jael was our daughter (but Anna did not), Anna came in and threw herself on my lap terrified. She said, "Mommy, I had a scary dream. We adopted a little girl from China, who was born different than most kids. She was SO cute. That was the good part. The next part is the scary one. We were on this ship and all these people were trying to come on board and trying to hurt us."

Next a friend called saying she felt the storm intensity that was coming our way.

We knew when we began this journey that we'd be bombarded. We have been like never before. Yet, we would not give up Jael for a few measly storms....or a few battering storms. We are feeling a bit battered here.

How does this latest storm effect us? We had our adoption almost paid for. Now, in order to prevent the cable (which still has a lot of tension on it) from tearing through our house until the tension eases, we MUST (if for no other reason than for safety) get this fixed now. No more exploding cement for us!

Though we apologize for the numerous emails, we really feel prayers are needed. God has listened and protected our family and we could really use them now. We know those facing life or death have gone and are going through so much more than we are. Thank you for taking the time to pray for our family.

Adoption Update:
Our immigration approval came in (from the U.S. government).
Our paperwork (dossier) is now logged in by the Chinese government (July 29th).

Prayer Requests
*That our paperwork flies, quicker that we imagine, and we can bring Jael home quickly...prayerfully before Christmas. Specifically, that the Chinese government processes our paperwork very quickly.
*That Jael has stories and words of God whispered in her ear and that her heart is prepared for us.
*That God's protection continue to cover our family (including Jael) and this adoption.
*For a God given peace. We could really use the peace (smile).
*Finally for the insurance (which we call in the morning) to come through. Though we do not have foundation coverage, this is a specifically unusual occurrence that might be covered through another avenue. Please pray for financial guidance and blessing. God has truly provided and covered us constantly, but prayers are treasured.

Thank you again for all your prayers. God has been gracious to us and your prayers are cherished.

Having a Blast in Christ,
Thomas and Kat


  1. we are praying!! (((HUGS))) Thanks for the e-mail, I printed it off and hold it as I pray! :o)

  2. ((((Kat)))), I am praying dear friend. And I'm not praying for a hedge of protection, but a mighty wall around you. Praying for your encouragement, for your peace, for your daughter to encounter, time and again, godly people who speak God's hope and love into her, that He prepares her for you, and keeps her safe as you all wait. Much love. (((hug)))


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