Monday, August 15, 2011

How Can We?! (Adoption)

I wrote this previous post.

"Should Everyone Adopt? With a Tsp. More Wisdom and A Cup More Thought"

I believe it. I believe it and yet my heart overflows when I read a post like the following.

"The Blessing of Verity"

How can we say, "Sorry, God...I can't". Oh, I know the
"Lies satan Tells Us About Adoption". I've listened to many of them.

Yet this little girl is starving to death. She has a family that wants her. She is their daughter. Now it's a race for her life.

Look at this precious blessing from God.

How can we say, "I can't do it. I can't even ask God if this is what He wants from me." Look at her sweet picture and say it. I know I can't.

I want to scream from the mountain tops. I want to yell that these children are real! They are not just numbers.

Oh dear God, what are we doing ignoring this?

Please pray for Katerina and her family. Please pray God sustains her and brings her family together quickly.

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In the joy of following our Heavenly Father, we sometimes choose to proceed with a whisper, a verse, or a downright matter how we follow Him, the momentum that follows is like nothing we've ever experienced before.

Join the is a beautiful place to be. It's not always easy, but then the best things never are.

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