Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Real....

Ok, so I was reading a blog I love (shout out to Dawn!)...and introduced to a new "blog hop". It's called Fo' Realz'.

I think I may just put that on a home school spelling test. My kids do always say I have my own "Kat" dictionary.

The challenge is to be real...nitty gritty, totally honest...real. I try not to be imaginary normally, but to spill my guts...hmmmm...

Here it goes. Remember, read at your own risk.

I started writing (ok, some in my mind) about two dozen blogs the last six weeks...from adopting out of birth order, to home school, to just about everything. But I can't...nope, can't do it. I make it half way through and then stop. My brain is a shocking mess. Complete thought? Nope, and I love to write. It's my outlet, but with everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) going on....

I have a list on my refrigerator of about 20 MAJOR things I needed to do this week. Not one of them is done because I decided that this was the week I needed to change the kids rooms. I don't want to start anything until they're done. It doesn't matter that home school starts in less than two weeks...

My washing machine died and we were without one for about two weeks. Right now dirty laundry piles are stacked up in our play area (which was supposed to be a formal dining room...we don't do formal). We're working our way through those and I smell and odd smell, but don't know where it's coming from.

I feel grumpy and tired. I feel like we're waiting for the next thing to hit. Ya, I know it's not right, but somewhere deep inside that's reality. I feel like I'm setting here going...fires, exploding sidewalks, air conditioning in the car breaking, refrigerator breaking, drama, washing machine breaking, illness, lice, loss of a very dear friends mom, my grandma's health deteriorating, waiting for taxes, our computer screen dying, my bro losing his job, the stone from my wedding ring getting knocked out....and on and on and on, all happening this summer....grump, grump, grump, grump, grump....

See, I knew I could do

Really, God is good. That's reality. Hanging tooth and nail to that reality.


  1. I know you must be so frustrated and overwhelmed with all the "storms"...but you are shining through it all!! I on the other hand, would be a ball of goo on the floor while satan stood by and said, "I told you you couldn't do this!" Keep being real Kat! And we'll keep praying till the storms pass!:)

  2. Oh girl. Sometimes life sucks. I think it's so we don't get too attached to this world. Wish I could load your laundry into my van and do it all for you. ((hugs and prayers)))

  3. Totally wrote a post about this not too long ago. I can so relate.

  4. That is REAL LIFE :) !!!!! I like Char's idea of doing laundry from a van, or how about with remote controls?? Someone needs to develop this idea and give us commission so we can pay for more adoptions :)

  5. You know I have had the worst writers block ever the last few weeks. I finally broke through it. But holy cow, I'd start a topic and I just couldn't get my thoughts out no way no how! Writing is my outlet too. Just keep at it, it will return! :o) (((HUG))) My washer works, but it walks. So I have to babysit it. I get very few loads done at that rate. Tom says "it's fine!" UGH!!

  6. {hugs} Real is rough, isn't it??!! You've been such a trooper and, through the strength of God, a great example through this warfare! Fight the good fight!!!


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