Saturday, August 13, 2011

Five AM Exploding Sidewalk...SERIOUSLY?!!!

At five o'clock this morning I sat up straight in bed.

I had heard a loud boom like a collision or gunshot.

I woke my husband (he can sleep through ANYTHING and this is proof).

We checked on all the kids. I peaked out the window at our van (thinking maybe someone hit it) and finally went back to bed. I thought I had dreamed it.

This morning was a teen event at our Church and we all dressed, hoping to run some errands after dropping them off. We opened the door to a most bizarre site.

Apparently our sidewalk, a couple feet from the door, had exploded (about the size of a dinner plate). Yup, these things happen to

We may have a clue in just a few what caused it...not gas (house still here), could be foundation (been hot and dry), or a more far fetched thought of lightening (had a storm this morning...but no scorch marks). To quote a friend (thanks Roxanne!) I now think it was one of satan's darts....yup!

Right now we are just shaking our head laughing.

God is good, and thankfully He gave us laughter!

Exploding sidewalks...that's a new one!

There were a couple of cases (about 40 lbs) of tile right beside the...uhhh...incident. It threw and broke many of them.


  1. How weird is that! Is it the heat? The sidewalk was in shock of the water falling from the sky too?

  2. WOW!! That is something you don't hear of! LOL! Glad it wasn't serious! (((HUG)))


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