Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Celebrations and Prayers for Others

I'm a flake. I admit it. I'm joining flakes anonymous.

A dear Christian sister Eliz and her family have grown very recently by two precious special needs sons. It was a long road, and we have been praying and celebrating with her forever changed...and forever blessed family. To check out her blog or give her a "WOO HOO! PRAISE GOD!" cyber hug....check out
"The Road 'Down' Home".

Please also keep them in your prayers not only for attachment, but also the three more blessings (one very sick) that they will be bringing into their family shortly.

There are also two dear wonderful blog friends that helped our family by talking to our social worker (when we began our adoption of Jael). They have some very special little girls that need prayers.

Selah (Chrissie's little sister) at
"All Are Precious in His Sight" has undergone surgery already and could use prayers as they proceed.

Jubilee, wow...I have such memories of praying for her home coming, is facing a very serious surgery tomorrow. During a routine MRI they found masses on her brain that needed to come out yesterday. Follow Jubilee's story at
"A Place Called Simplicity". Please hold her up, especially tomorrow and following, to our Heavenly Father.

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