Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Spotlight, The Storms, and The Chosen (Spiritual Walk/Adoption)

"These things only happen in soap operas," a friend said.

"I don't want the cup your drinking," said another friend with a smile.

Yet, here we are, another week gone and celebrating God's victory.

Are we weary? Yes

Are we down right tired? Oh ya...

Is our life a little messy right now? Yup!

But we are here and we are surviving.

If you read this blog, you know we've had a inordinate amount of storms throughout this adoption. You also know that, well, we knew they were going to happen. In God's infinite mercy, He shared this with us before we ever committed to adopting Jael.

In other words, we chose it.

Please don't take offense at those words, but it is true. We knew following God to our daughter would bring waves to rock us. We knew...and we chose it. We would choose this journey again and again...and again.

How often in our lives do we have the privilege of choosing our storms? Seriously, I look back on my life and look at how much I didn't choose, but how I was grown through them. God grew me. This time is different though.

This time we got to choose.

This time we chose the fire, our house uninhabitable for three weeks, air conditioning in our only car (the Suburban) going out, lice, Thomas' step father passing away, and issues in my husband's professional life.

We chose drama from an outside situation, my brother losing his job, my grandmother in the hospital, and planned money falling through for the adoption three times.

We chose termites, my spiritual sister's father fighting cancer, holes in our roof, our refrigerator dying, and our tax return being held up.

We chose the diamond in my wedding ring getting knocked out, one of my closest friend's mom fighting for her life, a bobble head taking a swim in our one working toilet (other being fixed from the fire), and liquid laundry detergent being poured in our dryer.

We chose illness after illness, allergy migraines, delayed home school, mini strokes of my mother-in-law, and our microwave door deciding to pop open mid cooking cycle.

We chose emergencies, friend's hurting, etc. etc. etc.

We chose this.

Would some of these things have happened had we chose to ignore God's truth for our lives? Yes, I'm sure some of these things would have, but I'm equally sure not all of them would have.

It's all because we chose...
We chose to follow God, ignoring the critics.
We chose to praise God for showing us our daughter.
We chose salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord.

We chose...and let me tell you friends, we chose right.

Because a long time ago, I was chosen. Many years ago, you were chosen as well.

We were chosen to die for.
We were chosen for eternal life.
We were chosen despite the storms we create with our sin

We were chosen...
by God.

Don't give up my friends, God has chosen you. If He has honored you by allowing these storms, praise Him. He loves you. He chose you. He has honored you and trusts you to take this spotlight given you by the storm, and turn it right back to Him.

The critics can be put aside. The exhaustion or frustration can be dealt with. All because of one simple fact...

We are the chosen ones.

"We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ."'
I Thessalonians 1:3


  1. YES! Thank you for sharing, Kat. We chose too. And I wouldn't have it any other way. (((hug)))

    I found it interesting that the 'word verification' for posting this response was "hismap". His map for our lives. :-)


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