Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taking a Breath (Adoption of Jael)

I feel like I need to take in a huge refreshing gulp of air right now. I'm weary of the storms, but if God can be glorified by these storms...then I pray for God's will above all else.

I started praying, just yesterday, that God's power just knocks down all these walls...those that plot against us or want to hinder us in any way.

This is what the last 24 hours have looked like.

*My husband came home from his professional life and where he is meeting a figurative "brick wall". This has not happened before, not in 11 years we've lived here. We are praying this "brick wall" comes to a loving and adoring relationship with Christ. We are praying that this "storm" is knocked down.

*My mother-in-law called from across the state having serious health issues. My husband's sister (who lives near us) called 911 from here. Apparently she's had a series of mini strokes (large one last Sept.). She's been discharged from the hospital with a new med and a doctors appointment in two weeks. The area is not within her insurance network and it seems like they MAY be more hesitant to treat her.

*It looks like the microwave door broke.

*My husband is trying to aid someone whose account is overdrawn. His name is on the account so that if anything happens he can help them. It's almost fixed, but we are seeing if a power of attorney will work instead of his name being on the account.

*Anna woke up throwing up this morning.

*My spiritual sister is facing some really tough things and my heart is aching for her.

*Gabe and Max woke up croupy sounding with runny noses (not the clear kind).

*We are still awaiting our employment letter and approval from immigration (pending as of today). We hoped it would've happened Monday, but...

*One of my children came up with lice this morning.

*Finally, and I don't know why this was the straw that heart...harder than the fire or losing the diamond in my wedding ring....the twins got to my Bible. They shredded some pages. I have taped back together the pages, but this is my one physical possession that is so very important to me. It hit me hard...maybe because it's just after everything else. His Word is my treasure.

This is not unusual for the battle we are fighting to bring Jael home. This is more like the norm. I am weary, yet I know God has got this. I feel beaten, yet God reigns and will see us through.

Someday I hope to finish writing about all the things we have faced...just in the last three months. We've never had a journey like this. It's all worth it though. Jael is worth it. Following God is WAY worth it.

Praying for God to bind the hands of those who would stand against us. Praying for His might.

Weary, tired, but will ALWAYS be praising.

"LORD, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!
You have set your glory
in the heavens.
Through the praise of children and infants
you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
to silence the foe and the avenger. "
Psalms 8:1-2


  1. Praying for you friend!! That the enemy would be bound and defeated, and that everything would resolve quickly. But above all else, that you would feel the PEACE that only He can give amidst the chaos!!:) {{{HUGS}}}

  2. So sorry for all you are going through. Standing in agreement with Renae. Praying for Satan's defeat in your precious family's life. May you feel the Lord's loving arms around you.


  3. More prayers. . .how exhausting, but we'll be praying for you as you press on toward the prize!


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